10 Brand New Teslas Coming To Shock Auto Industry, You Will Be Surprised To See This


We wish the things that existed in science fiction novels and movies wouldn’t be science fiction forever, we wish they were real one day, let’s start with a surprising fact. Tesla’s market capitalization is roughly that of two automotive giants Toyota and Volkswagen. is doubled.

Together what is remarkable at the same time is that Tesla’s share is less than one percent of the total automotive market, while the above two companies hold the full 24 percent. So what makes Tesla so valuable. Let’s look at the new Tesla. Find out the answer by talking about what each segment of the automotive industry is coming to handle.

Meanwhile two other types of electric vehicles in addition to consumer vehicles in particular are helping to accelerate a sustainable energy economy in addition to creating heavy-duty trucks and, as Elon Musk outlined in his master plan for high passenger density urban transport. is described.

Long in Tesla’s plan I think Tesla is definitely going to be making an electric van at some point, Musk said recently but he also added that as soon as the battery cell supply will allow it.

He’s talking about Tesla’s latest 4680 battery that promises to be revolutionary when it reaches its full potential in a few years because the battery will be light and powerful enough to be a fan regardless of the big ecological benefits. K Electric Vehicles 1:28 The vehicle is expected to have at least two base modifications that function as a single passenger minibus.

And a delivery van Musk also thinks that a solar-powered deployable roof for Tesla vans is a great idea that a van can provide about 30 miles per day because you have a big flat area that’s really where The addition of the Tesla van Solar makes a bit more sense.

A good solution could be to electrify Tesla’s service fleet that relies on internal combustion engine-powered vehicles. On the other hand, the rumors about Tesla vans are closely tied to the operation of the transportation loop, said Tesla-affiliated Beeching Company. Planned among the busiest places in California.

If the project eventually starts, Tesla could also design special autonomous vans without a driving cockpit that would provide more room for passengers to add additional profitability to the project, with the van expected to seat up to 12 people and their luggage per year. With the capacity to serve more than 10 million people.



So Tesla will essentially be working on the van project and it should probably become real at least next year as a driving prototype, with the next generation of the Tesla Roadster projected to offer 620 miles. Driving range which is very important to hit the track for some flat out hot laps.

We already know about Tesla’s new carbon wrapped electric motor that’s not only smaller and more efficient but achieving insane RPMs. This is something that Elon describes as advertising the most.

The Wand motor on Earth outside a lab allows the latest model’s Plaid to have an acceleration time of zero to 60 mph in less than two seconds. This figure is close enough to the Roadster announced at the unveiling event but Tesla is pushing The new roadster is working on something more powerful for high performance.

Fasten your seat belts now as the Tesla CEO has confirmed a new Roadster design equipped with a special SpaceX package that comes with rocket thrusters to cool air around the vehicle that allows for a zero to 60 acceleration time. For an instant 1.1 seconds, but don’t hesitate to admit that this is the most shocking idea Tesla wants to implement.

The company intends to add as many super exciting features to its cars as the laws of physics allow in one of its interviews this year, Elon Musk says To be able to hover over, the question is whether it will be legal or not very fast but you are going to be time limited.

It can hover like a meter above the ground. Tesla fans are also waiting for an updated version of another Tesla model. The so-called Model y2 The discussions on the new Model y are mainly linked to the new Tesla factories in Berlin and Austin. launch, which are going to contribute to Tesla’s growth at the end of the year.

At its Battery Day event Tesla announced its plans to build a battery pack that acts as the structure of the body meaning the battery is not just an energy device, but also connecting the front and rear underbody parts. It is an actual structural part of the vehicle.

The new design aims to reduce total vehicle mass by 10 and increase range by up to 14 percent, in addition to Tesla looking to use its latest casting technology. For the new version of the Model Y, which replaces many of the body parts with massive casting parts so that a larger single piece rear and front underbody can be attached to a structural battery pack, the company is already using single piece rear underbody casting.

It is made up of 70 parts, this is made possible due to the world’s largest casting machine named GigaPress, distributed by the Idra Group in Italy, ordering even larger casting machines for their new factories which will certainly facilitate the construction and help in reducing the operating cost even further.


Let’s see which Gigafactory will produce the Model y2 first. If someone asks what should be added to Tesla’s model line, an affordable option with decent specs will be one of the most frequent answers the company knows very well. Considering the activity of the Chinese especially in the competitive market, it is imperative for the manufacturers to offer the 6 something more than the existing models which it cannot do with all its charm.

Boasting an attractive price tag, the so-called Model 2 that will likely be manufactured at Gigafactory Shanghai and sold worldwide, will come with a lithium-ion phosphate battery pack that is much cheaper than the actual battery, right now we are expecting around 200. Can get a driving range of 250 miles which is good enough for the estimated price of seventeen thousand five hundred dollars that can be recovered for Tesla in 2022 after government incentives.

Another Tesla we still have waiting on the roads is the Cybertruck designed to combine the utility of a modern truck and the performance of a sports car, with the vehicle delivering exceptional performance both on-road and off-road. Along with provides durability and versatility.

It has been announced with three different configurations based on the number of motors, each additional motor meaning faster acceleration and greater towing capability while the payload capacity remains the same for all but the most powerful tri-motor variant, 50 . 0 miles apart from the latter being able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

As a result not every supercar can claim that it will come with a rear wheel steering system which is crucial in terms of maneuverability of such a large vehicle. The same function of the latest S-Class allows it to be as dynamic as the smallest Mercedes Musk has promised many other great things too.

So it’s worth waiting a little longer to see what the Tesla CEO means. There’s almost no doubt that we’ll see the Cybertruck ATV as an option for pickup buyers with the Cybertruck, the smaller EV at the Cybertruck unveiling event. I have made my first debut.

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