A big warning to Elon Musk Volkswagen has decided to enter the electric truck business

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Dice just gave a big warning to Elon Musk in what seemed like a call to drop the Cybertruck as soon as possible Far from Tesla.

Volkswagen wants Tesla to be careful and is planning to release its own electric truck soon that will compete with the Cybertruck r1t and f-150, when a company plans to market electric trucks it will likely : US There has not been much success in this industry so far.

Its plans are surprising, even with the internal combustion engine ICE, so why has Volkswagen decided to start making pickups? How does this affect Tesla? was never seen.

As Tesla and Ford attempt to phase out gasoline-powered automobiles and become fully electric to compete with Volkswagen, the corporation is ramping up its preparations as a sign of its commitment to its North American customers.

Stay Competitive in the Disabled EV Industry Volkswagen has announced a $7.1 billion investment to accelerate its electric and digital transition in North America over the next five years. By 2030, 55 percent of US sales will be entirely electric.

The company has also decided to make an electric pickup that will hit the market in a few years, Volkswagen is known for producing cheap and sturdy pickups and releases one every time Ford or Honda compete.

In addition to this the company has also filed a patent for its international pickup truck Amarok, at its plant in Chattanooga, Volkswagen is working on its MEB modular electric drive matrix platform that will support new vehicles such as the Volkswagen id4 and Amarok.

The Meb platform is being set up to achieve range gain charging power and even acceleration as per Volkswagen Modular Electric T. Olkit is specially made for electric vehicles which shuns all the stuff of fossil age.

This results in significant modifications to the external internal packaging and powertrain characteristics of electric Volkswagens, the newly designed vehicle architecture specifically designed for electric vehicles maximizes the potential of the technology in a nutshell, this means that the room allows range comfort and convenience. Priority is given.

The MEB is so impressive and flexible that Ford has entered into a partnership with Volkswagen to use the MEV platform, an all-electric crossover that will be the first Ford product to use the MEB should it begin rolling off the manufacturing line.

Ford had planned only one Meb-based vehicle in 2023 at the Ford Electrification Center in Cologne to boost the automaker’s e-mobility plan, with a total production volume of about six million units, yet we are looking forward to using the Meb platform in the future. Could use more that could be used.

Already 3 :44 Technological foundation for 10 electric vehicles from five different companies by different brands and manufacturers It will be used to manufacture around 300,000 units, making it one of the most popular electric platforms in the world.

The platform offers a high degree of competitiveness while allowing freedom of design and model development. Global economies span a wide range of vehicle classes and types, from small cars to SUVs and vans.

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