Another 2023 Tesla Model 3 Update Is Here – New Features!

In today’s episode Joe Biden finally talks to Elon Musk A new prototype Model 3 is going into production and Starlink gets a feature update It’s the first time in a long time that Tesla with SpaceX and Twitter CEO Elon Musk There was only one personal meeting.

US government officials present in Washington DC on January 27, John Podesta and Mitch Landru, two senior advisers to President Joe Biden, on the government’s push to electrify the US transportation industry and how Elon Musk can help them get there, are seen revolving around.

How the government can help Elon, the content of the meeting was not given further details, but the timing is in line with the Biden administration’s push last August to move society away from fossil fuels and primary energy sources. As in moving towards permanent power. President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that seeks to boost jobs and innovation.

Now this bill represents so much money in potential tax incentives and grants over the next few years by investing heavily in green energy projects including electric vehicles that the entire industry immediately jumped into action so they could take advantage and Tesla didn’t have an electric vehicle . The Exception IRA introduces massive tax relief for companies that manufacture battery cells and modules inside the United States and, over the past few months, for EV charging infrastructure, in addition to large tax credits for anyone , which offers millions in government funding.

States have slowed their plans in Germany in favor of taking advantage of new opportunities, they have ramped up production and massively expanded their US factories, they have modified their charging stations so that Tesla partners such as Panasonic But it’s one thing for the company to take advantage of the new policy and another to potentially help shape that policy.

Given that Tesla is the world’s leading EV buyout company by a wide margin, it will be difficult for the Biden administration to come up with a strategy to promote EV use without at least consulting Elon Musk, and it certainly Will do this first. In 2017 there would be no stopping Elon when he worked with the US government administration. According to Elon he joined so that he could have some influence on the Trump administration and maybe some real action on climate change and it is true that Elon can be criticized for many things but he always wanted to address the climate Were.

This stint as an advisor to the president was short-lived when Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement in the summer of 2017. Elon also resigned, and while the Trump administration has been relatively friendly with Musk and his companies, we know that Trump loved making money and going into space, Elon Axel in the Biden administration has been a completely different situation from the start and Biden hasn’t seen eye to eye which is strange as both men have many supporters. One of the first promises Biden made in office was to electrify the entire government vehicle fleet. Part of this struggle certainly belongs to the United Auto Workers union.

The Biden campaign has been very vocal critic of Musk’s vast base of supporters and its impact on the industry. Business leaders in general are generally opposed to labor unions, but with the UAW making more or less sustained efforts to pressure Tesla, it’s become a little personal for Musk and Biden have taken on unions like Ford. .

The president was filmed driving an F-150 Lightning prototype and praising the truck and his personal favorite, General Motors, the company the president credits for pioneering the electric car revolution. Well there is no evidence to support this claim, but regardless of the friction between the billionaire and President Biden’s companies, the US government needs them and the US government needs them, compare SpaceX to NASA. There is no other way to send astronauts into orbit. Other rockets that could launch their top secret national security satellites into geosynchronous orbit then the Falcon Heavy and without those government contracts to the same effect would be no SpaceX.

It is common for large companies to take on equally large government contracts, so it is not surprising that Elon’s companies continue to receive support regardless of their relationship with the current administration. And this is fact. Companies like Tesla and SpaceX make so much money that the news of Musk meeting with government officials is understandable, given that the US government spent a lot of money to help Musk build his companies. Which are not only functional but dominate their industries.

Musk weighs in on policies that will help the average citizen adopt an electric car because of Tesla’s outsized influence in the EV space, or perhaps it’s a no-brainer that the Biden administration is willing to do more with Tesla than they Let’s make changes and there are many more like redesigning their charging stations and honestly both organizations are collaborating it’s great if it gives results like this there’s a lot of time left in 2023 and we’re in Washington I’ll hear about more meetings with Musk and other industry experts. If Biden wants this push to work, he’s doing smart.

Tesla’s mysterious Model 3 redesign project Hyland continues to make progress as a public filing foreshadows a new production line beginning in November 2022 at the company’s facility in Fremont California that will house a new production prototype of the model. The 3 appeared just after news outlet Reuters printed details of something called Project Highland, which their sources claimed was a redesign of the Model 3.

The only things we had to do at the time were what Reuters contacts told us was to reduce the cost of the redesigned Model 3 by reducing the number of parts involved in its production, updating its infotainment display and beefing up the vehicle’s powertrain. There was an attempt. Not long after the demonstration, filings with the city of Fremont dating back to June 2022 showed that Tesla was dismantling some equipment and facilities in preparation for a new hang on line, a type of assembly line where vehicle parts are assembled. Parts are meant to be hung. As they move through the stations, it looks like the demolition has officially begun in December 2022.

The line, labeled Highland BL3 Hole Demo, was recently updated on January 27, indicating that the project is still moving along at a good pace regardless of the massive amount of work Tesla is doing. In addition to the new filing, the Giga is running in Texas-like facilities, although a model from another manufacturer was recently spotted doing some road testing near Santa Cruz, where the first production model was spotted in the wild in November 2022. Not much has changed externally, but it seems to be in line with what we know.

The project, which more specifically mentioned reducing the complexity of the interior and head and brake lights, has updated the Model 3 in small ways throughout its existence, so it doesn’t take much effort or change in its design to make it Will have to more affordable model. It’s efficient enough for production this year, now don’t forget it’s a big year for Tesla, they’re starting production of the Cyber Truck and expanding production on the Tesla Semi. It’s also certainly not the only redesign we know Tesla is working on right now to speed up production of the Model Y and Model 3 in January.

Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen had an interview where he talked briefly about his ongoing work. When Tesla had time to focus on that, the Model 3 but the Model S was also undergoing a similar efficiency-focused design change, but it looks like the Model 3 EV will be a bigger hit for the company. Big priority. It is now one of their cheapest vehicles and with new US tax incentives and discounts on the table for new buyers it is the right time to refresh one of the company’s oldest designs, not only to make them cheaper to produce Rather cheaper than expected.

Shopping for new EV buyers Starlink keeps getting new features with mobile users in mind and a new feature continues that trend Now you can put your Starlink to sleep This new energy conservation feature was just added in the last weeks and allows the user to program a sleep schedule it will prevent the unit from using power to connect to the internet and more importantly its ice melting feature which is a great power it’s very clear Is.

So it makes sense that those guys want to give their Starlink hardware a chance to not burn through its fuel to keep the ice off at night. Be sure to warn people that they will have to clear the snow on their own before the Star Link hardware starts in the morning, but then again people who need so much convenience to sleep in are no strangers to this kind of work and business. — If the prospect is worth it to them, SpaceX has been pushing into the RV cruise line mobile space over the past few months, acquiring new partners in cruise lines like Carnival Corporation and Thor Industries, which operate Aida cruise ships . Are.

The advantage of this new technology is that securing lucrative partnerships with cruise lines will help funnel money towards better mobile Starlink development, benefiting RV and trailer users, but also more remote areas like Antarctica where researchers recently Recently in the US RV users seem to be happy about it in remote areas and as a result of the development of new functionality like sleep mode.

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