Breaking: “I’ll Never Mess With Him Again” – Kathy Griffin Settles With Elon, Loses Her Shirt

Griffin filed a $1 billion lawsuit against him after impersonating the millionaire for his own financial gain, according to the insider who has been monitoring the topic as his social traffic began to increase again in November. I went.

The conspiracy quickly spread from there. Griffin lost a million-dollar HBO special when Musk requested a favor.

He later begged her in front of everyone not to “sue him for taking off his pants.” To support herself and her son, Peter Griffin, she would now spend the rest of her life working to make enough money to retire.

The deal amount has not been made public, but analysts claim Musk has never settled for less than $25 million.

Joe Barron, Musk’s hired gun for the law, said that “he wouldn’t get out of bed for less.” This should be a reminder to all who believe they can outperform Elon Musk in any endeavor.

He is the most powerful person on the entire planet. He has the power to destroy the common people. Even ordinary people who are rich and famous.

Amazing legacy, I must say. It’s understandable why MAGA supporters adore him. The ideal alpha male, that is. Mr. Musk, I appreciate everything you’ve done to support free expression. Godspeed to the USA.

Note: This is a satire article. The original owner/source of the article is mentioned below. We hope you enjoyed it, lol

Source: The Dunning-Kruger Times

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