Tesla CEO Elon Musk shares his thoughts on how the Hyperloop works.

Imagine sitting in a sleek capsule inside a low-pressure steel tube and traveling at over 700 mph in a recent interview Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared his thoughts on how the Hyperloop works. did. Explained why it would be better for the environment. Even the Tesla has a low pressure tube with a vessel in … Read more

What Elon Musk has to say about the upstart EV company.

A flat sizzling fire of stupidity, that was the start of the company and it seems there is a big problem in Rivian. They are on a fast track to go out of business which holds true in recent thoughts on Rivian Automotive and explains why the company is facing problems. Why is Rivian r1t … Read more

Tesla Model Y is Roughly Somewhere in Between The Tesla Model X Which is More Affordable

Elon Musk’s crazy new Model Y just a blow to the entire car industry The Tesla Model Y CUV is Tesla’s latest electric vehicle to hit the streets and interestingly continues its rise in popularity as a compact and more affordable alternative to the model. Showing strong signal. Musk has teamed up with Tesla to … Read more

Tesla – Tesla’s FSD Beta Is Now Available

Tesla Tesla’s full self-driving beta is finally rolling out to a wider fleet of Tesla cars and that’s a huge deal. It’s easily one of the boldest moves Elon Musk has ever made as he’s giving a giant leap. Advances in autonomous vehicle technology to thousands of drivers across the United States and it is … Read more

Tesla Model X, Elon Musk Tesla Model X Just Did Wonders

Tesla Model X Let’s go into detail, Tesla extended the Model X and Model Y lineup from the 2022 model year, today Tesla has updated its prices for Model X and Model Y cars to raise prices once again around the world. The automaker cheapest car has seen a price hike of more than 20 … Read more

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model X Plaid, It’s Quite Amazing

Tesla Model X Let’s talk about the Tesla Model X It’s the only Tesla vehicle that I really like, and honestly, that’s because we always thought it was a little too cool or maybe even exciting. Things like Roadsters and Cyber ​​trucks and Spaceships. And all that but I’m happy to say I’ve come around and … Read more

Tesla Model X is the best selling Tesla model

Tesla Model X In January 2022, the Tesla Model X SUV took the top spot for the best-selling electric car in the world, surpassing the Tesla Model 3 and even the Hong Guang Mini, the most popular car in China and priced at Rs. Only five grand and with the Model X. With two new … Read more

Elon Musk Just Revealed The Huge Update 2022 Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X After Elon Musk said that Tesla electric cars should receive support for games from Steam last summer, it became known that AMD’s intelligent graphic solutions with RDNA 2 architecture will be written inside the multimedia systems of Tesla electric vehicles and the Model X and After updating the model it became clear … Read more