Cybertruck to be updated by Elon Musk at Giga Berlin, Watch


In today’s post, the latest updates on the Tesla Cybertruck and new Model Y have received mass delivery from Tesla-powered bitcoin mining farm Giga Shanghai as they struggle with the shutdown and Elon says Tesla is in the business of mining lithium.

So let’s go over Tesla’s recent Cyber ​​Rodeo event at its Austin Gigafactory to finally give us the opportunity for some candid and close-up photos of the new Cybertruck prototype. This is a recent alpha build of the truck that’s still in pre-production But it has been updated.

With new features that weren’t included in the original 2019 prototype, it’s kind of a halfway point for Cybertruck development, previously we only saw this new build from a drone video and some photos on Joe Rogan’s Instagram account, so these We have clear first thoughts.

What we learned from all this new stuff Not much I mean we have some updates on everyone’s favorite Cyber ​​truck windshield wipe Thanks to this low 1: angle shot we can now see what an ultra giant windshield wiper seemed to

Those are really just two regular wipers mounted on an ultra huge arm mechanism. This is very important because I was getting worried that I might have to order some special wiper blades that were only available on the Tesla website and For this, it has to wait 1 week to reach Ontario from Texas.

Then i have to pay 30 bucks for customs but luckily it looks like new design i should be able to pop more than 1 in canadian tire and snag a coupler replacement if needed, malformation factor 1 Not much should be done to cancel, but at least some practicality should be remembered.

Those were the good old days when we thought Tesla was going to have laser beams like windshield wipers or ultrasonic magnet blades, but all Cyber ​​rodeoer slammed the Cyber ​​Truck cabin’s rear glass window into the wall that separates the bed from the tee. does. He sits and we also have unconfirmed reports that the wall of the middle gate is able to turn down.

elon musk dance
elon musk dance

This would mean that the Cybertruck, like the old Chevy Avalanche pickup, could have full unimpeded access between cabin space and the bed which is especially useful for moving. For very tall objects or car camping scenarios we actually got a little preview of how the door mechanism works during Elon’s presentation, so we know Cyber ​​Truck has now removed all the handles.

But what does this mean for the operation of the door Eagle-Eyed Drive Tesla Viewers in Canada were able to see a moment while Elon was speaking that the door automatically opens a bit next to it and then some 01 seconds later it automatically Roop shuts down again and again just as Elon goes to leave.

He touches the truck’s B pillar to manually pop the door and then grabs lip 3 of the door frame to open it, we’ve got a good look at the interior here but it’s clearly not a finished product Well, there’s a model’s steering yoke with a big hole in the middle where the airbags should be.

And the steering column is no plastic cover on the big horizontal center display but no screen on the driver’s side and to top it off we got a video that shows how the rear wheel steering function is working on the cyber truck if you Pay attention to the rear wheels as the driver is steering in reverse and again when they finally get tough to drive.

So there’s a subtle steering movement from behind. That little extra control is going to make the giant truck more maneuverable in tight spaces like parking lots moving forward on the new Texas-made model. We’re still waiting for some sort of confirmation on that. What’s going on inside these vehicles but we have some easter eggs.

We know there was an Austin-made Model Y on site at the party called the standard dual motor version and we know all vehicles made in Giga Texans have been equipped with the 4680 cell so far, we know that Cyber ​​Rodeo On the night of 30 New Years were delivered.

But it seems they all went to Tesla employees who are keeping quiet about their new car. A Tesla technician posted a photo of himself with the car on LinkedIn and confirmed that it is a cell-equipped vehicle, But nothing more and finally we have a screen grab of the source code from Tesla website which is the total found.

Got some new info but absolutely nothing after the Cyber ​​Rodeo event yet though I expect we’ll see some Model Y updates soon and Cybertruck well I’m not holding my breath if you’re looking for headphone cables If you don’t enjoy it then you are in luck.

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Tesla Cyber Rodeo

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Tesla is getting back in the cryptocurrency game with a new bitcoin mining project that will be powered by Tesla solar panels and a mega pack battery unit, a collaboration between Tesla and two blockchain startup businesses. Block, formerly known as Square, is a Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s digital payments company.

The other is called Blockstream which forms a set of applications that support the bitcoin network, with the three companies working together to build a bitcoin mining farm in Texas renewable energy bitcoin miners paired with a 12 megawatt-hour battery system. Will feature a one megawatt solar array which will be four Tesla Mega Pack units.

It was only a year before Elon Musk threw his support behind bitcoin and opened it up as a payment method on the Tesla website. Allowing people to buy electric cars directly from the manufacturer with crypto led to a rise in bitcoin going straight in the direction of the moon and laser-eyed investors like the Winklevoss twins literally ruing their pants with excitement.

Then a few days later Elon changed his mind and the whole thing went back, saying that Tesla had suspended vehicle purchases using bitcoin. We are concerned about the rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining and transactions, in particular coal which is one of the worst emissions of any fuel.


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