Did Elon Musk just buy Google?

After turning 51, Musk expanded his corporate empire by acquiring Twitter, completing the $44 billion acquisition of the social media giant.

However, since the purchase, people around the world have pushed for the creator of SpaceX to buy more important media and tech companies.

For example, last weekend rumors circulated that Elon Musk might have bought Google. Yet did Musk buy Google? What happened before the allegations were made and what was the reaction of people on social media?

Despite a popular YouTube video claiming otherwise, Elon Musk hasn’t actually bought the tech behemoth.

Elon Musk Zone is a channel with 914k subscribers that posts “cinematic” movies based on Musk’s public appearances and speeches to “give viewers a more immersive experience.” This video is an example of such a presentation.

A remarkable 400k people have watched the video, adding that Musk enjoys crossing his fingers in many different industries and that “Google is the next game-changer for him”. The video clip also claims that Musk’s followers “know the next big thing” in the tech sector.

But despite the fact that the video is titled “Elon Musk: I’m Officially Bought By Google,” it really pushes the idea that Musk has the resources and the ability to control a tech giant like Google.

Additionally, the main image of the video is a manipulated image of Musk shaking hands with Google CEO Sundar Pichai to mislead viewers on social media.

This myth first surfaced in December 2022 when another parody YouTube channel made similar allegations.

Elon Musk didn’t actually buy Google in January 2023, but the promises made in the popular movie tricked many social media users across the world.

One user commented, “Hey @elonmusk, there’s a rumor that you acquired Google. Does anyone else have an opinion that Elon Musk acquired Google? It’s fake,” retorted a third user.

Another person commented: “Same channel reported that it bought Facebook. According to the same station they appointed Mr. Beast as CEO. I originally considered this a reliable source of news on Musk. Not anymore.

In 2021, Google wins the STARLINK contract
Although Musk has not bought Google, the SpaceX maker and the tech giant have entered into a partnership to improve communication services through Starlink.

Google’s cloud division said in May 2021 that it would provide Starlink’s satellites and networking services to SpaceX.

According to the article, SpaceX intends to build ground stations at Google data centers to connect with Starlink satellites and deliver faster internet connections.

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