Elon Musk All New Cheapest Car Shocks The Entire car industry

Elon Musk

How electric cars become common in the form of internal combustion engine cars packing all conceivable technology inside them or putting a more powerful electric motor so they can go faster, even though Elon Musk seems to fit into the two categories above Tesla CEO.

Another idea is to make electric vehicles cheaper and move everyone away from gas cars. Elon Musk is working on an extra cheap car that only sells for $5,000 One of the biggest advantages of EVs is the impact on our environment.

Therefore they do not emit any exhaust gases which reduces local air pollution. Drivers also enjoy on average lower running costs, especially in congested cities, the cost of an electric car 100 miles for a petrol car. Versus is less than having to drive 14 miles.

Electricity costs less than gas in most places and is more stable in pricing so you spend less on refueling, there is also cheaper service and maintenance in favor of electric cars, this is because of the nature of electric cars. It doesn’t have as many parts that can break as ice.

That’s why you pay fewer trips to the mechanics workshop, even as regular oil changes aren’t as worrying as Eve owners. Time can also count and these are not all reasons why everyone should get an electric car.

Appreciation of electric cars –

Just drive better, they have more responsive acceleration and you can zoom off from a resting position while overtaking snow cars. It becomes clear when the traffic light turns green you’re already on your way When other drivers wonder what you are driving, the battery pack also has a lower center of gravity which improves comfort and safety.

Many manufacturers keep them under the floor and they weigh less. Another cool feature of more balanced electric cars that you can appreciate is the quietness evs are much quieter than petrol and diesel vehicles. In fact electric vehicles are so. Quieter that some people are pushing them to artificially produced noise to alert other road users.

When you play your own music or just want to enjoy your solitude because the most successful EV company Elon Musk appreciates EVs and wants everyone to have them in fact it is one of his life ambitions which he Wants to kill environmental pollution gas. Cars off the road replace them with zero-emissions cars powered by batteries.

This is why he doesn’t see other EV makers as competition, in fact Elon Musk welcomes every electric vehicle, the competition is with gas cars and he is intent on winning it, although there is one Elon Musk’s way. In hindsight electric vehicles are more expensive than gas cars which makes them out of reach of many buyers according to Kelley Blue Book.

The average TR response price for an electric vehicle is fifty six thousand four hundred thirty seven dollars. This is basically about ten thousand dollars higher than the overall industry average forty six thousand three hundred and twenty nine dollars in terms of pricing and the EV equivalent of an entry-level. The cheapest tesla car model 3 is the luxury car which starts at 47 000 on the company website.

Tesla doesn’t struggle to sell its cars –

Tesla doesn’t struggle to sell its cars, although Musk has a solution for the high cost of electric cars, but before we talk about Elon Musk’s solution to why electric cars are so expensive, an EV The battery pack consists of three important components, the electric motor and transmission, of the three components; the battery pack is the most expensive.

One of the primary reasons for the high cost of battery electric vehicles is currently the battery itself. Battery-powered vehicles use lithium-ion technology that has long been a factor in your gadgets such as smartphones, laptop tablets, and more using lithium-ion batteries.

When it comes to electric cars that are huge in size and the usage cycle takes a giant leap forward, the next obvious question will be why lithium-ion batteries are so expensive as the material needed to manufacture these batteries is lithium. Rare earth metals such as cobalt and nickel are required, which are not readily available.

The metals are mined and processed to use in EV batteries, which can be expensive, accounting for about 30 to 40 percent of battery packs. The cost of an electric car is complex lithium-ion battery technology, which is why automakers find it difficult to achieve parity between the prices of EVs and conventional cars.

Several other factors also significantly bump up EV prices, considering that EVs are relatively new and that automobile manufacturers invest time and money in their research and development, focusing on each component specifically the battery pack. to wheels must be designed for a particular electric vehicle.

Elon Musk believes –

So the price of the car goes up to offset the manufacturing cost, but as mentioned earlier Elon Musk has a solution for each of these problems and that is why he has announced 25 000 car though A very cheap car is coming.

Elon Musk believes that the price market is huge in this segment and it is not surprising that Elon Musk wants to step into it but most importantly the affordable car Musa offers practical driving range so that Buyers don’t drop them too quickly. Driving range is important as it is tied to range anxiety and can create potentiation.

Stay away from buyers 25 000 Tesla car Model 2 is an attractive looking hatchback that has been leaked several times Tesla will make the car in China and export it to the rest of the world including the US, all the design and testing is finished in China as Tesla China boss has revealed, the next step is to start production.

The Model 2 will share a lot with the even cheaper 5,000 car Elon Musk, so we’ll see how Tesla has managed to reduce the cost. But Tesla has released a new version of its lithium-ion battery.

The company is really big when it comes to electric car batteries and does most of its research and development in-house. The new battery known as the 4680 battery is lighter than a normal battery, which makes it very suitable for small cars, any cheap car will be smaller.

Elon Musk has worked on the weight aspect of the battery, it is also aided by the high EN. The higher density of the new battery means it can slim the battery pack while still offering a respectable range. The new battery also cuts costs as Tesla changes the materials used.

Some raw materials are scarcer than others so Tesla has found a way to make use of the most abundant of all possible alternatives. The EV maker has also simplified the manufacturing process of the battery, is faster and less expensive and This reduces Tesla’s manufacturing cost, which is also important for the rest of the car manufacturing process.

Easy Points –
      • The buyer pays for someone Tesla has revolutionized car manufacturing with its Gigapress, which allows for huge parts to be made from a single piece, for example the chassis will be built from just two pieces depending on the model.
      • And cover the rear end, it means Tesla doesn’t have to deal with about 400.
      • Different Pieces Tesla has giga presses that can build affordable car chassis into a single piece that greatly speeds up the manufacturing process.
      • Elon Musk also talked about some crazy ways to cut costs on the Model 2. has spoken. For example, it has focused on removing control features from the car.
      • It will be equipped with Tesla’s Autopilot MA software that uses cameras to dictate the speed of the car on the road, so all you have to do is sit in the seat and the car will take you to your destination.
      • Elon Musk teases a robo taxi service And it can be driven extensively using this car.


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