Elon Musk and Tesla Are Facing Big Problems In India

Elon Musk and Tesla are facing big problems in India, the Indian market is a big and lucrative one and it is no surprise that many foreign companies are eager to establish a presence in the lucrative Indian market.

While this is not a walk in the park for Elon Musk, and we may be looking at more problems than what we faced in the bill in India, the largest import duty in the world.

Bureaucratic red tape, land acquisitions and stiff competition from already established EV companies in the country, among other things, are a problem for Elon Musk. How Musk hopes to solve its problems What is the main force standing in Tesla’s way.

Let us know that despite keeping an eye on the fast-growing Indian market for the past three years, Tesla founder Elon Musk is yet to open operations in the country due to a standoff with the government.

Over import duties and local production, while the government wants Tesla to set up a base in India and sell locally and internationally, Musk insists Lowe’s is the first to ring import duties. .

Tesla must first set up a manufacturing facility in the country, with four legislators from non-BJP ruled states now urging Tesla to set up businesses in their provinces after Elon Musk claimed he was heavily importing electric vehicles. Tesla’s ambitions to enter the Indian market have stalled since 2019, due to the tariffs still dealing with several issues with the federal government.

Electric cars costing less than forty thousand dollars are subject to a sixty percent import tax, while those costing more than forty thousand are subject to a one hundred percent tax, Elon Musk tweeted in July twenty-first that he was planning a temporary move to electric vehicles. Looking for tariff relief.

It wants to introduce its cars in India soon, but Indian import duties are the highest ever in the world. Tesla executives then held a closed-door meeting with government officials to discuss higher import duties and Urging that they be reduced, the executive said Tesla cannot do business in India under this current import duty regime.

Their cars will be so expensive that the US company claimed in a letter to the Road Ministry that the effective import duty is 110 on cars with a customs value of over 40,000.

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