Elon Musk ANNOUNCED Sales Of Tesla Cybertruck On 20 JULY

The Texas founder took another step towards mass production The car was presented on April 7 at the opening ceremony of the Tesla plant in Texas Big news Elon Musk announced the sale of CyberTrack on July 20 About the Price of Cyber ​​Truck Entrepreneur Elon Musk presented an updated fresh version of the Cyber ​​Truck at its founding Tesla plant in Texas, a presentation of the car that took another step toward mass production.

All the changes at the opening ceremony of the Tesla plant in Texas are purely visual, but thanks to them the Cyber ​​truck began to transform from a spectacular show car into a real production car ready for operation on public roads, for example a pickup truck. The normal side had mirrors and a wiper on the concept as well.

There was neither one nor the other on the shape of the headlights and the taillights have changed the design of the wheels and the door handles have completely disappeared giving way to a sort of smart system.

Will identify and open the door in front of him did not specify whether the Cybertuck had technically changed. Only that its mass production will begin in 2023 at a plant in Texas, remember that the conceptual version of the Tesla Cyber ​​truck debuted in November 2019.

The unusual truck received one of two or three electric motors and three versions with a power reserve of 400 to 800 km. According to the three-engine variant can accelerate to 100 kmph in just two nine seconds.

A new Tesla Gigafactory has been inaugurated in Houston, Elon Musk arrived at the event called the Tesla Cyber ​​Rodeo and brought with him the final version of the Tesla Cyber. Truck Pickup Truck As you know it is in this venture.

Texas that the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck pickup truck will be produced, although the model will be put into production from 2023. was submitted by.

Von Hultzen The first pickup was filmed already during testing. It differs from the prototype in the presence of rear-view mirrors and a large windshield wiper. It is noteworthy that the Tesla Cybertruck 2023 has no door handles, explained Elon Musk. that they are not.

The need will recognize the car owner and open the doors, the price of the new Tesla Cyber ​​truck has also changed and will be priced from 39 900 to 69 900, the pickup will be offered in three versions and the upgraded version with four engines will be able to accelerate to two nine . up to 100 kms in slash h

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