Elon Musk Charmingly Defeating A Room Full Of Oil Giants

Solar panels of 150 to 200 square kilometers across the United States are increasing the time on the game but the game is about to end no matter what you think. As far as the oil and gas industry is concerned, I don’t think we are much.

danger I mean you still know yeah, but I mean the more obvious danger is we’re going to get out of the hydrocarbon mine and burn it openly, I mean looking at the comment we made this morning, it It’s getting harder.

Hydrocarbons are getting a lot more expensive to find and extract them and really we’re just arguing about when hydrocarbons run out or become prohibitively expensive, if I mean I don’t think so If someone says that this is not victory, then they will definitely come out, then what is that?

You don’t think I mean you know a tech guy, you’re a physicist and an engineer, you call yourself the chief architect and technology and resourcefulness, which means we still have fossil fuels in abundance Will be available I mean it is running.

For a while they think you’ve crossed the limit and still they find more and you know to watch the whole shale gas revolution people would have said never game time Is.

Obviously pretty obvious, but I’d just look to the future and say what is the thing that will actually work and using a non-renewable resource obviously won’t work.

To stop the use of all hydrocarbons today I will not press it you certainly will not press it because waiting for the arrival of human civilization every hospital has to be closed this is ridiculous so it would be irresponsible to press that button but what if Speed ​​up the transition if we can.

It’s a wise thing to do for renewable energy and um you know if you say I can only mean two examples the president of saudi arabia spoke here because saudi aramco uh saudi arabia a huge amount of sun There is light in us and it will be there for billions of years or at least a billion years until the Sun finally swallows us up.

a billion years solid so it sounds like you know investing in solar resources is something that’s going to preserve really long, not so much oil and gas in the future i mean it’s a temporary thing in the future which we shall see back.

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