Elon Musk: ‘China Just OFFICIALLY CLOSED Gigafactory Shanghai!’

Elon Musk Has Been On Twitter With His Firing Failure It Happens Elon Musk’s Automotive Company Tesla Has Reportedly Suspended Production At Its Shanghai Plant Yes History Is Repeating Itself And This Time Billionaire Elon Musk’s Shutdown It’s sooner than ever why their flagship production factory in Shanghai China has become a keeper’s worst nightmare for every employee.

What is the reason for this shutdown? This closure of the Gigafactory in Shanghai means it’s already strained relations between Elon and the Chinese government. Watch the video till the end. It was revealed on 24 December, just a day before Christmas Ev. Tesla’s CEO stunned the world by announcing the closure of its infamous Shanghai Gigafactory as a prelude to Christmas for its employees.

The shutdown was expected only in the last week of the year as the world prepares for closures due to rising COVID-19 cases in China and multiple reports of workers falling ill at the Shanghai Gigafactory, which closes early for Christmas. was done. The American electric car maker informed its employees about the shutdown, after earlier planning to shut down due to safety concerns. In bitter sweet fashion when he reportedly canceled the morning shift at the factory and asked all his employees to start their breaks early.

What an interesting way of telling people they are unemployed around the holidays and worst of all, the employees were not even given a reason for their suspension, which is too bad, although the automobile giant has yet to make any announcement. Has not made a public statement. Many closed sources and reports clearly state that the increase in cases of greed was a significant factor in many employees being laid off and that employees of suppliers have reported being sick and exhibiting greed-like symptoms, which Musk and his A matter of concern for the team. What was extremely worrying was that even the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in China did not help the scenario.

It was made official that China was once again in the midst of a strange wave just after the Chinese Communist Party announced rising Kobe cases in the country. The country had scrapped its zero-leverage policies just over a month ago the policy was taken down by the pandemic, it was a breath of fresh air for sellers, traders, the public and society at large, as it ultimately meant longer After a while there was normalcy. Sadly, everyone’s dreams and hopes were shattered when the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the Chinese population with more and more cases being reported every day. Tesla’s decision to shut down its factory to ensure that the situation did not worsen, Tesla had the proper workforce.

As part of this wave, there have been challenges to operations in the past week, reported a closed source, but did you know that the story behind the Shanghai Gigafactory and the installation of Tesla’s Yiga in Shanghai was no ordinary is the first overseas factory located in . Key parts of Tesla’s automobiles Official papers were signed in October 2018 and nearly a year later in August 2019, the Shanghai Gigafactory began manufacturing line equipment for both batteries and automobiles, producing the first Tesla Model 3 car October 2019 was done in

An additional production facility for the seats and powertrain assemblies of the under-construction motors was completed by March 2020. With the factory hosting final assembly of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, which are among the company’s best-sellers, the company has an uphill task of meeting its production rate targets. From 3,000 cars per week to 250,000 electric cars, but the factory has outdone itself and plans to triple that by June 30, 2021.

This alarmed the Chinese Communist Party, which threatened civilians. Declaring that if you let your whole family use Starlink, relations between the CCP and entrepreneur Elon Musk would end, with the latter deteriorating as Starlink’s expansion affected Giga Shanghai’s expansion, with Only in 2023, the expansion was put on hold after the Chinese central government expressed its displeasure. Considering Starlink’s rapidly growing military applications and its potential impact on global strategic defense, Tesla has taken a step back with its expansion projects in Shanghai.

The rise in Covid-19 cases has adversely affected the sales of their cars as the automobile giant grapples with elevated inventory levels as its second largest market China gears up for a slowdown in such circumstances, with Tesla’s Shanghai The Gigafactory drawing all its resources. focusing on. Build cars for export markets and ramp up production in their final weeks of production, prioritizing local market demand. The suspension of the Model Y Gigafactory will be a part of the automaker’s nearly 30 percent production cut in December 2022.

The suspension began after an internal notice and two people familiar with the matter announced that Tesla plans to halt production on its model. The factory was completely shut down from Christmas to New Year’s Eve, an absolutely unexpected move by the billionaire when interviewed about the matter. Tesla China responded to the local media outlet Global Times on December 25. St. Shanghai factory will still maintain a fish in production and production in 2022. Will undertake annual production line maintenance according to the vehicle production plan.

After a year of hard work, the workshops producing charging piles and other auto parts have not shut down the line and workers will have a rest during the maintenance period of the production line. It is not entirely correct to say in Kasturi’s defense that the factory has been closed. In fact on the side of workers as workers we know what you are thinking I was losing beneficial wages for workers incredibly to work under zero coercion policy by the Chinese Communist Party Times.

Additionally there are other technical issues at the factory which led to the final decision to temporarily close the factories until things get better, at the same time internal inventory issues at the factory also led to this sudden decision, Tesla’s projected sales The automobile. The actual number is much higher than what was reputedly the wave in China was unexpected, leading to huge demand, excess inventory gap factories which is never good news for an automobile company producing excess vehicles.

When your current inventory is still unsold, it will be a huge loss and it was absolutely necessary to get a temporary lockdown, a foolish decision on the management side of the business in many ways. Long-Term Goals and Ensuring Tesla Company’s Stability It’s no news that Gigafactory Shanghai is Tesla’s most important manufacturing center and a large part of its production capacity is used for overseas exports, according to the China Passenger Car Association.

In China, which grew by nearly 60 percent in the first three quarters of this year, about 60 percent of its electric vehicles produced in Shanghai are domestically and the rest exported to overseas markets such as Australia, Europe, Japan and Singapore. But Tesla’s overall financials look risky as the company has recently been on a slight downgrade to October of 2022. Tesla has said in its quarterly financial report that its 50th sales growth target this year may not be achieved with high expectations. 2022 From 2021 to 40, it built nearly 1.4 million vehicles, up 47 percent from the previous year.

Yet in the fourth quarter, Tesla delivered only 405,278 vehicles, well below the average estimate of 431,000 according to an analysis by Refinitiv as fears of a recession and higher interest rates loomed large. Demand has caused a slowdown but guess the Chinese market is still expanding despite all these losses and unexpected Tesla, the automobile giant announced that the 10 000th supercharging pile in China was built in August this year on December 2.

Millions of vehicles rolled off the production line at Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai in what was a huge milestone for the Youth B price cut in China in the first and second week of January. Europe was the best strategic decision taken by Tesla in recent times. With everything back to normal at the factory in Shanghai, it was necessary to preserve the health of the workers as well as the financial condition of the company.

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