Elon Musk Confirmed The NEW Tesla Model 3 Is HERE

Recently a curious appeared on the network that captures how the Tesla Model 3 drives to a fairly deep reservoir, on which the Vu posted.

A careful watcher will be able to see some unusual details in Tesla’s short 30-second show of how an electric car cuts through a red lake with water up to the hood and wavers during the maneuver.

The whole car but Tesla floats like they say without looking, but if you look closely you’ll see a small motor attached to the stern, it’s probably a . A motor boat was borrowed from or an amphibious vehicle could also be considered.

The electric car was additionally protected from moisture entering the interior and the power plant, although these are only conjectures. There are no details about this. Inside the EVs believe Tesla was filmed with it during one in China.

An event dedicated to electric cars, is reportedly a demonstration of Elon Musk’s original idea about capabilities. A lot of rain pours through the flooded roads.

Driven more successfully than non-electric cars. This can be explained by the fact that all electronics are reliably protected from moisture at the factory and the engine does not require air to function. Remember that the Tesla Model 3 is a car.

One who does not have great clearance, still moves confidently through a water obstacle and impresses spectators at high speed. There have been many improvements before going to the reservoir for example an engine resembling device. The boat can be a power plant.

Note that networks have repeatedly appeared with the participation of Tesla electric cars that freely pass through water. Cars with electric motors are distinguished by a flat bottom.

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