Elon Musk has confirmed that Royal Caribbean ships will soon get Kickass internet connections.

Great news, technocrat and SpaceX boss Elon Musk has confirmed via a tweet that the Royal Caribbean Group’s fleet of ships will soon get kickass internet connections.

Elon Musk cited a tweet from Royal Caribbean Group that said its cruise ships would soon implement SpaceX’s Starlink.

RCG claims it will be the first in the industry to implement high-speed Internet technology from Elon Musk’s company SpaceX’s Starlink is one of the world’s most sophisticated Internet service providers, SpaceX now compared to Tesla, a report by Bloomberg According to Elon Musk is more important.

The latter’s share price continues to decline. Rocket Company has become the most successful startup in the United States, with its valuation rising to $127 billion. Starlink is the company’s high-speed satellite Internet group that aims to develop satellite personal communication services within a few years.

Starlink’s deployment on its cruise ships around the world is a first for the cruise industry, according to RCG President and CEO Jason Liberty. The partnership with SpaceX will allow Royal Caribbean Group to provide high-speed internet to its passengers in the high seas . The technology will have the largest public deployment.

The President claimed that high-speed internet would allow RCG to offer a better holiday experience to its guests. The installation of Starlink’s Internet services on luxury cruise ships is expected to begin immediately, providing unprecedented Internet connectivity for passengers and crew.

High-bandwidth video streaming, facilitated by 3000+ low-orbit satellites, will allow video conferencing and other Internet utilities even in the middle of the ocean. Elon Musk recently announced that SpaceX will partner with T-Mobile to make this happen.

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