Elon Musk Has Inaugurated The New Tesla Giga Berlin in Berlin

Elon Musk will visit the Tesla Giga factory in Berlin next month, with signs of production starting.

Which is still awaiting the approval of the government. Tesla has faced several bureaucratic delays over the past year trying to get permission to start production at the Giga Factory Berlin, a massive new factory located near Berlin in Broomeberg.

The constraint is now the environmental approval of the Ministry of the Environment of the State of Brandenburg. Environmental groups recently managed to extend the public comment period on the project, which delayed approval for another month with the new period ending last November and Tesla rumored to be on the verge of approval .

But it is not there yet, pending approval. Tesla has received permission to build 250 model-wide bodies for testing purposes. Some model-wide cars were seen leaving the factory early last month. Tesla got the Gigafactory in Berlin this month. The plant received another permit to produce 2,000 models wide body.

The government also confirmed that it had received all the necessary documents to make a decision by the last week of December, so it was expected that the start of production would be imminent in the last week for approval, with several publications erroneous. . It is reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will visit Berlin this week.

The CEO, based on a Twitter source, corrected the information and instead confirmed that he would visit the plant in mid-February which could coincide with the start of production as the automaker expects to complete testing 2000 cars by then. Is. is expected to do.

With the first batch of Model Y cars ready at the Giga factory in Texas this week, it looks like the Austin plant may have surpassed the Cheeka. Factory in Berlin and started production, although Tesla hasn’t confirmed anything yet, although we’d like to point to the product’s debut.

While work on any of these new plans isn’t the most important milestone, easing the production ramp is by far the most important Tesla has launched at its Gigafactory in Berlin to allow the use of the new paint, the most advanced paint shop. doing.

Tesla has published a brief overview of the paint store inside the Giga Factory Berlin, which the automaker calls its most advanced paint store and should include new paint, literally years since the Tesla model was introduced in Tesla’s early days. went. I also released a new paint color for the cars.

The automaker decided to simplify the options and now only offers a few color options that have remained unchanged over the years. CEO Elon Musk talked about Tesla eventually releasing new colors, but it was due 3.

A new state-of-the-art paint store at the GIGA factory in Berlin, CEO talks about new multi-layer paints JIGA Berlin will be the world’s most modern paint shop, with multiple stunning paint layers. s that now changes imperceptibly depending on curvature, Tesla has released a facelift at its paint shop at the Giga factory in Berlin.

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