Elon Musk hints at a working Tesla bot Android for AI Day Part Two

In today’s episode Elon Musk hints at the Tesla bot Android working for AI Day Part Two The real reason Tesla is laying off its employees Panasonic starts manufacturing Phantom Braking 4680 battery.

Elon Musk has delayed the 2022 edition of Tesla’s AI Day, but he’s doing it for a good reason.

Elon thinks the company will have a working prototype of its Optimus humanoid robot by the newly planned date of 30 September if we remember that Last AI Day on 19 August 2021 was the most information intensive presentation we’ve ever seen from the Tesla crew.

It wasn’t commissioned for public consumption, it was a high-level discussion of how Tesla’s full self-driving system actually works. Camera input in vector space for neural networks This was also the day we first saw Tesla’s prototype of the Dojo supercomputer again with a Thor.

Technical explanation and then Elon just took a moment out of the Steve Jobs playbook and dropped a humanoid robot well on us, in fact he just showed us a person that looked like a robot, but the main takeaway Had Tesla been serious about building its own autonomous Android, this was not a technical discussion.

It was purely conceptual and hypothetical as the product didn’t actually exist yet but the general idea seemed to be that Tesla could lift parts from its vehicles, such as robotic actuators and batteries.

fsd computers and then reuse their existing artificial intelligence systems to focus on labor-related tasks, but for ai day part 2 tesla may have a working prototype of the Optimus robot, to go is ready.

When asked if the prototype would be anything like the sleek black and white mock-up on display at the Cyber ​​Rodeo in Texas Elon, that probably means it’s the first unveiling. Illing will be a work in progress. c3po looked like from behind when Anakin was still building it in his mom’s shed.

Just all kinds of junkie with exposed parts everywhere but still aside from robots we don’t really know what Elon is. Maybe there were so many cool updates for this event other than what he promised, so we’re going to have to go back to last year. Will hear about the phenomenon of fsd and dojo mainly on similar topics because we already know from last year how these systems work.

Tesla engineers should meanwhile be able to jump right in to explain the progress they’ve made, hopefully with the new and more defined timeline going into the event two of our biggest questions are whether Tesla will work within the next year.

As Elon Musk claimed and Tesla has started using Dojo to train its neural network if not then how soon it will be ready We were teased that Dojo could become the first supercomputer to be broken.

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