Elon Musk: His best selling vehicles have always been the Model 3 and Model Y because of the price of these vehicles

Let’s go into detail, Tesla wants to reduce complexity during the production phase of the Model 3. Because the sound quality is not getting affected at all.

Surprisingly, the new configuration should have more flexibility when it comes to improving sound quality inside the car, and like every other Tesla, the software will get better with over-the-air updates.

For Tesla, their best-selling vehicles have always been the Model 3 and Model Y because of the price of these vehicles. Not everyone can afford a Model S or Model X, which is why the Model 3 and Model Y mean a lot to a lot of people.

Elon Musk has also said that the Model Y will be the best-selling Tesla vehicle of all time. The crossover has been created due to the ever-increasing SUV trend across the globe.

This does not make the Model 3 any less capable vehicle as both these vehicles have a lot of components, and are also based on the same platform. Today, Tesla’s success with electric vehicles is something that older auto makers need to take note of.

We don’t have a proper Tesla killer from any older auto maker, which says a lot about Tesla’s commitment and dedication. has moved towards its goal of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The company is at least five years ahead of the competition.

Tesla is a world leader in the electric vehicle space, and it will be so for the foreseeable future as Tesla has succeeded in establishing a vast supercharger network. , which completely gets rid of the issues of concern and people are now considering electric vehicles as daily drivers.

Tesla’s final move would be to give us a more affordable Tesla, just as Musk explained during the 2020 Battery Day event. Yes, a $25,000 Tesla or something much less would certainly change the game for Tesla because the Model 3 is right.

Now it’s something you can buy if you’re willing to spend over $40,000, which is a lot for many people, especially when it comes to spending on a vehicle.

The Giga Shanghai factory is Tesla’s most successful Giga factory to date. During the year 2021, the Giga Shanghai factory managed to produce more cars than ever before.

The manufacturing rate is about 650,000 vehicles per year which means Tesla will be able to produce one car at the factory every 44 seconds, which is huge.

Tesla will be able to repeat its success with its new factories, especially in Berlin, and these factories will soon begin production at full capacity. Gigafactory Berlin will cater to the European market, and you know Germany is the luxury vehicle hub of the world.

Tesla takes a long time to compete in the same country where the first internal combustion engine was invented.

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