Elon Musk is developing his own ChatGPT

You probably heard the news this week that OpenAI has released version 4 of its GPT large language model, the architecture supporting chat GPT, which has taken the world by storm and is available in almost every language worldwide. Artificial Intelligence has been brought to the forefront of the conversation.

You may also know that Tesla SpaceX Boring Company Neurolink and Twitter owner Elon Musk have made it known that they have plans to found another company to launch their own artificial intelligence operation GPT.

As any of you will know, this is another chapter in Elon’s long and tumultuous relationship with artificial intelligence. Elon goes from being intimidated by AI to realizing that he actually needs AI to accomplish his mission, to concluding that if AI is inevitable, he wants it to be.

Either way, his approach is part of what makes OpenAI so attractive. So what’s fascinating here is that Elon Musk actually co-founded OpenAI in 2015 with his old PayPal friend Peter Thiel and a crew of other tech industry players. Together they raised $1 billion to start the company. His intention was to lead the development of Artificial General Intelligence, but to do so with a non-profit model that was completely open source and transparent. They wanted to make this technology in the light of day where everyone could do it.

See this happen and no secretive entity like a government or a powerful corporation can monopolize AI, to the day Elon developed a reputation for being very afraid of artificial intelligence, but more specifically he was worried that AI’s non-human can be used appropriately. Will be done by humans. Will be developed and implemented by accountable actors. Didn’t appreciate the dangerous potential of their own work like if you watch Terminator or The Matrix it’s not like the robots of those stories whose aim is to eliminate and kill everyone.

This happened by accident, obviously something no one wants to do in real life, so Elon took some major precautions to try to keep Skynet a work of fiction, one was the co-founder of AI, the other was the 2016 Me Solo and formed his own company named Neurolink, a brain computer interface technology that would allow humans.

Mind and AI are expected to co-exist in the digital realm. If digitally enhanced human superintelligence can meet artificial superintelligence in a similar realm, we are more likely to work together in symbiosis and less likely to be crushed by AI. Bill Gates This is getting weird but we are here for 2018 to rain so fast Elon resigns from the board he didn’t get his money back in Open AI.

Nothing drastic but they decided not to join the operation so why did they do so Answer by Bill Gates After Elon left OpenAI announced that they are accepting a billion dollar check from Microsoft and they are software giant Will partner with Will use Microsoft’s Azure supercomputer. Now you’ll remember that a minute ago we said that this is exactly the kind of thing OpenEye shouldn’t be doing.

That’s what they did and they had to change their business model one by one. Some call it a non profit for profit which is basically an AI term invented to try and preserve their image as a democratic company with hard limits on returns to any investor. So they are allowed to make money but only up to a certain amount. Open AI put that cap at 100x ROI, so Bill Gates only got 100 billion from his cash investment for Open AI. The dollar was allowed to make a profit.

In such a situation, it should be clear why relations with Elon soured. Not only did open AI toss one of its core principles to get a big pile of money and some sweet super computing power, they ended up in bed with Bill Gates. Elon does not like Bill Gates and Bill does not like AI Day.

Gates, like Elon or Elon’s companies, was telling everyone that Tesla’s electric semi was impossible and would never be a reality until the first fleet of real Tesla Semis was delivered to an actual customer, now boom again . Moving on, 2021 Tesla is hosting them. The first AI Day event and Elon Musk on stage telling the world that Tesla is now a global leader in real-world artificial intelligence technology.

What happened there We do know that Elon has long had a dream of building a fully autonomous vehicle that it could mass-produce and implement as a fleet of robo-taxis, which should be operational by at least 2019. Will go Elon believed it could be accomplished. Through a combination of radar sensors cameras and robotic actuators that will fundamentally change transportation.

At a Tesla event called Autonomy Day in 2019, Elon told the Robotaxi world that he believes there will be one million autonomous Tesla robo taxis on the road by the end of 2020. in the near future that tesla will never solve full self driving unless they solve real world artificial intelligence first so autonomy day became ai day and tesla is talking about how they took have taken.

Visual cortex and biological neural networks to take the decision from the human brain and reproduce it in a computer brain that now controls its robot car using camera input and artificial intelligence oh and just one more thing. car and they’re sticking it into a robotic humanoid that they want to mass-produce as the future of synthetic labor, so now things are getting weird again, Elon’s whole point wasn’t to make iRobot happen.

Now he’s actually building the exact same robot from the movie. Luckily he didn’t put a face on the Tesla bot, so it’s a lot less disturbing to see, but if we go back to the beginning, Elon never made such a claim. He is going to stop AI from being developed because it is inevitable but Elon wants AI to be developed according to his standards and principles, he is very convinced that out of all the billionaire smart people he is the only one who can do it properly Could Maybe and he may be right.

We have lots of great options on board. If you can choose to lead the development of AI, Musk Zuckerberg Bezos or Gates, who is also Elon’s biggest critic, all trying to do less evil. And yes, Bill Gates does objectively cool things like building toilets in Africa. monopoly, so we ChatGPT don’t want to repeat that situation.

When it comes to AI, of course, it was announced on January 23 that Microsoft was throwing another $10 billion into Open AI, a month after reports began circulating late that Elon Musk was developing his new artificial intelligence technology. Was doing. Actual steps were being taken towards the establishment of the company. AI as a competitor to OpenGL If you follow Elon on Twitter, you know this has been going on for a while.

While he began openly criticizing Chat GBT in December 2020 for what he associates with outright lies and bias, also wanted to give a quick shoutout to our amazing Discord community, here is our question of the week And this was our favorite answer and here’s the meme of the week winner to participate via the link in the description below to join our Sacrifice community next week, things get very real February.

When it was revealed that Elon had been in talks with Igor Babushkin, a senior AI research engineer who recently departed from Google’s Deep Mind project, Google Babushkin worked out the term Open AI on the street. Elon spent two years looking to recruit Igor on the ground floor of his new AI startup whatever happened Feb 28 Elon tweeted AI Tesla bot based well now we’re getting weird again but I’m trying And one last time trying to bring it back.

Recall that Tesla’s next big AI project after the fully autonomous car is supposed to be a fully autonomous humanoid robot and their theory is that the resident network and navigation system that enables self-driving is directly related to bipedalism. Can talk and he’ll translate on the Droid. Makes sense, but for this Tesla bot to be fully functional it needs to be able to do a little more than just move around and do chores.

We all know very well by now that Open AI is developed by the world’s most advanced language model with significant help from Microsoft, so if Elon wants his Tesla bot to be able to communicate with humans, he can rely on industry Be able to have a cutting edge level understanding of To do that, he would need a partner.

Build tesla’s bot language system with openai and on top of chat gbt, which obviously isn’t going to for the reasons we’ve outlined before or Elon needs to build his own model that at least Less is as good or better than Open AI. But it’s also possible that Open AI has such a huge head start and lots of money but Elon has his own tricks. One of the first things Elon did after he took full control of Twitter was the Elon Advantage.

That was to cut off Open AI’s access to Twitter. The data set used to train the GPT model is a massive 45 terabytes of pure text data, imagine a 45 terabyte word document, just try and fathom where that data came from the internet and obviously Twitter One of them is, we don’t know how big a part, but tweets are certainly part of Chat GPT’s mind.

Elon now has exclusive real-time access to all language data from Twitter, and Elon has made a significant change to once again allow tweets of up to 4,000 characters. Now people can continuously write long thoughts and ideas directly on the platform.

However, yes, let’s admit that the AI startup’s ambitions were fueled the day after Elon Mark Zuckerberg released a lengthy Facebook post detailing how his company is now going to pivot into generative AI, but does anyone really care about this guy? knows now let’s take this seriously that’s how the metaverse is going on anyway Elon has another important leg up on the competition that most people don’t fully appreciate it’s called the dojo, you To tell what it is.

You’d have to be able to sit through the end of an entire Tesla AI day to know this, but Dojo is a proprietary supercomputer technology that has been developed. Tesla’s hardware team has created its own chip architecture that is different from anything on the market right now and has the potential to compete with the most powerful supercomputers on Earth, so Elon has the language data he has.

Programming and engineering background to turn it into AI software and it has the exoscale computing power that the software could arguably become a direct competitor to GPT Chat and if it succeeds it will be able to take on that language model. and put it into fully autonomous humanoid robots, which he’s going to mass-produce on the scale of millions of bots per year until these things turn into an entirely new economy built on unlimited robotic labor There’s no avoiding it, things are about to get really weird here.

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