Elon Musk JUST CONFIRMED New Tesla Gigafactory Location!

Elon Musk recently confirmed the new Tesla Gigafactory location Tesla Elon Musk’s electric car company has launched its Giga factory in Austin Texas as part of its aim to take its electric car company to the next level with Cybertruck production.

With 15,000 people invited to the event to enjoy live music, dine out and honor Elon Musk and his company, we are indeed entering a new era in Tesla’s evolution in presentation, Musk Said I can’t wait to see this baby.

Production It’s going to be great as well as the Cyber ​​truck, the business just unveiled a new roadster vehicle that is expected to hit the market next year, how it will be a feat for the United States, what are the chances It will be successful.

How Elon Musk Sees Things From Here Sparks is the fourth Tesla production facility after Vermont, California, a battery factory in Nevada and a solar factory in Buffalo New York.

United States Tesla has a facility in Shanghai and recently started its first European factory near Berlin, we need a bigger place to grow and there is no better place than Texas, we report going to grow up.

Despite what Elon Musk described as an extraordinarily difficult quarter Tesla delivered 3,10048 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022 citing supply chain challenges worldwide and a brief shutdown at Tesla’s Shanghai factory, according to Tesla. That is to say, 295 324 of these deliveries were for the Model 3.

Why while there were 14 724 for the Model S and X Tesla will build its long-awaited Cyber ​​truck at its Texas plant Cyber ​​truck development is expected to be completed this year with construction slated to begin in 2023 when Tesla first launched in 2019. Introduced Cyber ​​Truck, the electric pickup truck was expected to hit the market by the end of 2021 as the deadline approached.

The carmaker revealed that production will be delayed until 2022, with Tesla planning to begin production. f electric pickup truck, Gigafactory in Texas According to Musk Tesla’s Gigafactory, opened Thursday in Austin TX, marking an important step in the company’s long-delayed aspirations to begin production of its electric Cyber ​​truck.

Tesla hosted a cyber rodeo. 15000 people were invited to listen to live music, consume food and pay tribute to Elon Musk and his firm Musk addressed the gathering We truly entered a new era of Elon Musk, the future of Tesla are doing.

Joe is wearing a black cowboy hat and aviator sunglasses. Elon Musk also unveiled a new roadster vehicle that will go into production next year with a new version of the Cybertruck.

He also teased a robot taxi which he described as very futuristic, although he did not elaborate on the battery facility in Sparks Nevada after the car in Vermont, California and the solar factory in Buffalo New York. This is the company’s fourth factory in the United States. .

Tesla also has a vehicle manufacturing facility outside of Shanghai China and recently launched its first European factory outside Berlin Germany Tesla has paid five million dollars for the site outside Austin.

Another $1.1 billion to build the factory Elon Musk said we need an area where we can be huge and there’s no place like Texas, we’re going to do something bigger.

The achievements came less than two years after Musk announced that Austin would be the site. Tesla’s new Gigafactory will be complete and less than a year after the firm officially moved its headquarters from California to Texas.

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