Elon Musk Just HUMILIATED NASA With SpaceX High Tech Space Suit

SpaceX recently dropped a bombshell in the form of a new high-tech spacesuit that will change the way we travel in space. The functionality and light weight of this spacesuit has taken NASA completely by surprise.

Their efforts for the spacesuit have to be seen to find out what the spacesuit sent NASA to its drawing board, the SpaceX high-tech space suit. But one man has made room for an entire US government agency through his space exploration company SpaceX. Has put the world to shame with its hi-tech spacesuit with its cutting-edge technology and stunning design.

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Benkin were the first humans to wear the suit in orbit during their journey, which began with a successful May 30 launch from Florida, the region’s first since the Space Shuttle program ended in 2011. There was human space flight. These space suits are personally designed for the astronauts during a news conference aboard the space station, Hurley said of the space suits I’m sure we’ve donned those suits a hundred times and they were many.

Hurley believes that SpaceX’s suit is better than NASA’s pumpkin suit during the conversation. The primary function these suits didn’t have to do was work for us, which was nice but it was clear they paled in comparison to the Pumpkin Suits, known as the Advanced Crew Escape Suit Aces, these spacesuits used by astronauts. Specially designed for protection. Type ACES and SpaceX spacesuits are not intended for spacewalks, but as a backup during launch and landing, SpaceX spacesuits protect the crew from rapid drops in pressure within the spacecraft.

It is made of a fireproof material that protects the astronauts in the event of a fire. The suit’s gloves were envisioned to interact with touchscreens aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft to perform spaceflight operations, allowing astronauts not to remove any part of their suits, with the astronauts wearing a helmet. are protected which seals in oxygen and houses the communication units. and valves that maintain the suit’s functioning and ensure comfort, the space seat was designed and built to be user-friendly for receiving cool air and oxygen from the spacecraft.

The suit can be attached via a seat cord. Chris Tig, SpaceX’s manager of space suits and crew equipment, said one of the key things in developing the suit was to make it easy for the crew to use when they were on the ground. In the SpaceX Twitter video on May 27th they really have to plug in when they sit down and the suit takes care of things from there. It was tested in orbit in 2018 before SpaceX’s suit was worn by NASA astronauts.

A variation of this space suit was used for the Tesla dummy that was sent into space with the Tesla Roadster towards Mars. NASA’s pumpkin suits are no longer in use as a new breed of space shuttle. a new type. Space Suit Makes The suit manufactured by SpaceX is a sleek one-piece white design that is significantly sleeker and less bulky than the one NASA designed Musk, to convince people in person that the spacesuit works because its design is so Sleek and stylish, Musk said it definitely works.

You can jump in a vacuum chamber with it and it’s fine. Iconic Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez created costumes for blockbuster movies like Wolverine, Batman v Superman, Captain America, Civil War, and Wonder Woman, and that’s the reason for the space suit. It appears to have been custom made for the film’s set, rather than replicating a NASA spacesuit. SpaceX has reached back and taken it a step further by employing old style to create something new in terms of utility.

Bob Benkin believes SpaceX’s spacesuit performs better than NASA’s pumpkin suit. He said the SpaceX spacesuit has at least one major advantage. we can sit in we can wear the suit and we can go through a situation or scenario where the suits are moving most of the technical features of spacex’s suits are kept secret it is important to keep the rival at sea Elon Musk’s private space exploration business has This highlights the suits are designed to work in conjunction with the computer displays that the astronauts will use.

Monitoring the Dragon system and maneuvering in orbit space or the International Space Station, NASA sees no flaws in the spacesuits, acknowledging that SpaceX’s spacesuits are designed to be as light as practical and SpaceX’s trendy high-tech spacesuits Offended by any depression, NASA has decided to leave the space.

Dust off the pumpkin suit and build your next generation spacesuit These next generation spacesuits will have to be designed by the private sector, Elon Musk has proposed that SpaceX take over the manufacturing of NASA’s spacesuits as part of NASA’s current effort at this time According to Musk’s commercial design and manufacture flight suits for astronauts traveling into space on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Flight suits are primarily intended to protect astronauts in the event of a fire or cabin depressurization, given the need to remain outside the spacecraft. Developing a spacesuit in the harsh environment of space would be a more difficult and difficult task, but Musk sounded confident and tweeted that SpaceX could do it if needed. NASA should be ashamed of its latest genius achievement. And if you believe it, it is not that SpaceX’s new spacesuit is state-of-the-art.

check out this history of spacesuits from 1961 the mercury suit was worn by the mercury seven when they all went on missions as you can see it’s beautiful silver and it’s there to protect against radiation and it’s coated on the outside and If you see there’s a lot of zippers on that and that’s just a mercury spacesuit for sealing soup or a Navy Mark IV designed by the BF Goodrich Company and the United States Navy for high altitude fighter pilots The full body was a high altitude pressure suit.

It is best known as the space suit worn by Project Mercury astronauts during their space flights. The Mercury space suit was worn by the first seven NASA astronauts. Altitude Flights NASA modified the suit by adding an aluminum coated nylon outer shell to the special glove for better heat control and improved finger control, it also used new straps and zippers to guarantee a more secure fit.

The suit was marketed as the prototype of a true spacesuit, and was followed by the Gemini suit, which was better and more developed than the 1965 Mercury suit. White performed the world’s first American space walk The Gemini space suit paved the way for further space exploration This was NASA’s first attempt at a space walk The David Clarke Company created the Gemini suit The G4C suit is the most common of the three basic types of Gemini was much more comfortable than the seeds of.

Astronauts can walk around in some of the larger Gemini spacecraft and take off their helmets and gloves. Astronauts used G4C suits with additional cover layers and equipment when working outside the ship. Some Gemini spacewalks lasted more than two hours.

The suit weighs between 16 and 34 pounds and is designed to be flexible under pressure. The Gemini spacewalk suit is a subtype of the G4C Gemini suit. It was created for spacewalks and to protect astronauts from their ship wearing it. A hose connects the suit to the spacecraft supplying oxygen to the astronauts, and the suit provides a backup of up to 30 minutes if the astronaut is separated from the suit.

Life support these suits served their purpose but a better suit was needed which could be worn to walk on the moon this is when the apollo suits were designed from the apollo space walk of 1967 then we have the apollo suit The suit which is now the Apollo suit.

The Apollo or Skylab spacesuit is a type of spacesuit that was used on the Apollo and Skylab missions because the Apollo astronauts had to walk on the Moon as well as fly in space, creating a single spacesuit with moonwalking add-ons.

Landing on the moon was not an easy task. Astronauts needed more protection than the Gemini and Mercury suits could provide for the first humans to set foot on the Moon, which would have needed to be protected from fine regolith. Those who are sharp like glass, they also need shelter from the sun’s rays.

The extreme temperature change suit also needs to be flexible enough to allow astronauts to pick up moon rocks and stay away from the ship for hours. The Apollo space walk accomplished all of this. rubber fingers, a set of helmet-mounted filters and visors for sun protection, and a portable life support backpack containing oxygen, carbon dioxide removal equipment, and cool water for the moon walk, shoes, a communication cap, and A transparent plastic helmet is included.

The gear on Earth was heavily armed and weighed up to 180 pounds, but it was six times lighter than on the Moon during the Skylab mission, the baseline Apollo spacesuit was also used for spacewalking, the successor to the Apollo suit . The pumpkinsuit was the pumpkinsuit used during launch and re-entry in the Space Shuttle since 1988.

During the ascent and entry segments of the flight from 1988 to 1994, it was completely phased out by the end of 1998 and replaced with the Ace costume, a space suit made by the Worchester Massachusetts-based David Clark Company. Parachute life preservers and even survival drink packets are included. Each of these suits served their function well, but none even came close to the amazing design creativity, style and cost-effectiveness of the spacesuits that SpaceX developed in space as astronaut fashion.

There are many dangers but the first thing that will kill you is that without pressure or lack of pressure your body will begin to inflate, your lungs will explosively collapse and you will be unconscious within 15 seconds to a minute, with the pressure being the most lethal. The thing is until recently the only function of spacesuits in outer space. Originally designed to protect astronauts from fire, sudden depressurization or other unforeseen disasters, the design of spacesuits has begun to change as space has become accessible to tourists as well as scientific study.

Nowadays a spacesuit can be compared to a small spaceship, it is not just the typical outfit of astronauts. wear in space. A spacesuit is made up of many different elements and although it has only recently been considered a space fashion. Its only function is to protect the user, the suit consists of separate pieces for the chest and arms that protect the legs and feet and the helmet that covers the head. Each spacesuit is made up of multiple layers with different functions. Some layers are made to protect from space dust.

Other suits consist of a single piece of cloth that covers every part of the body except the arms and legs to retain oxygen. This piece of clothing worn by astronauts under the suit has tubes sewn into it that allow water to flow through to keep the astronaut cool. You have a bag attached to the back of the spacesuit. Astronauts need this backpack for oxygen. In addition, it also manages to take out the carbon dioxide exhaled by the astronauts.

The backpack has a water tank for cooling water, a fan to aid in oxygen circulation within the suit, and a fan to power it. All spacesuits have evolved greatly over the years with respect to function purpose and most create a design that equally delivers both function and beauty, yet Musk has managed to impress us yet again with his ingenuity and creativity making sure they have both.

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