Elon Musk Just Leakde The Insawe New Tesla Model Y Is Here

Another strange accident in the river involves a Tesla electric car has happened in China This time the hero of note was the new Tesla Model y which relatively recently started its production Country Tesla Model Y suddenly broke down quick through the bridge fence A post made of accident from and fell into the river clearly shows.

Why did the Tesla model turn left The intersection taking the leftmost lane when the left turn was almost complete The car suddenly turned to the right at an angle of about 90 degrees then broke through the fence of the accelerated bridge and fell into the river Source report That was a woman.

Driving and why the Tesla model car was on test drive It is not yet known whether the car was n autopilot mode or the driver confused the accelerator and brake pedal It is worth waiting for the official Tesla comment Experts are sure that the cause of the incident is the manufacturer .

The drawbacks that are related is the fact that the model is relatively recently produced in China and has not passed proper tests before entering the production line fortunately the owner was not injured and other road users were not injured or but the car is no longer Will be restored and repaired including drying the interior which was very badly.

Damaged by contact with water, the driver admits that he plans to sell the electric car after it is repaired as he is not going to operate it personally.

Further every fourth Tesla Model Y car made in China in 2021 will be recalled for serious repairs The Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation Summer reported that nearly every fourth Tesla Model Y electric car assembled at the company’s Shanghai facility between February 4 and 30 Missed October 2021.

For major repairs the risk of malfunctioning of the steering mechanism has been identified ie rotary fist in cases which cause excessive driving a . Maybe Accident Recall 21 . Will affect 599 Tesla Electric Vehicles All of them were collected in the first 10 months of this year this is not the first and hardly.

The last case when electric cars of this US manufacturer face quality problem for example the memories are still fresh when 285,000 Tesla cars made in China this summer should have had problems with cruise control treated through service services. The events scared Chinese motorists away from buying Tesla electric vehicles which is also facilitated by the development.

Local brand American Tesla in the quality of electric vehicles continues to be the undisputed leader in China and in September was ahead of its closest competitor by a ratio of five to one. But the Chinese have not sat idly by. Chinese domestic electric car market players since September nioh Spang and Lee Auto has expedited its work.

Each of them reported a record number of deliveries in November thus Spang produced 613 cars in November 15 of which 270 . NIOH has 10 percent more than a year ago . Reported 878 deliveries for the month . More than double last year’s figure and Le Auto delivered 13 485 units which is 190 more than a year ago.

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