Tesla Has Started Selling 2021 Tesla Model 3 Electric Cars With 2017 Batteries These Are Performance Cars Informed by footnote.

Online store for sale of cars in USA This car is built with battery pack 2017 . The capacity of the cells produced in the age decreases you may face a decrease in the capacity of the current characteristics by 12 Tesla it is known.

Cars on which messages appear about out-of-date batteries (about 1.6 000 km).

Why cars are sold almost without discount Under the guise of new Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles on the official website for sale in the United States Notifications appeared that 2017 batteries are 2021 . Installed in built-in cars because it is known for max cars.

Because out of this the buyer gets a . A car with gets a 12 percent reduction in battery capacity at least The screenshot of this message was shown by the publication Electrek 2017 Model 3 electric cars with batteries the company will have to work hard to meet.

It plans to volume deliveries before the new year. Also the automaker is still trying to reduce inventory to improve its financial performance. One of these measures was the sale of performance cars and the cars were originally meant for a test drive. Tesla sells these cars as new.

Websites such cars have started appearing on the Tesla website Over the past few days there is a strange warning that Tesla was adding some of these model three demo cars This car is assembled with a battery pack Produced back in 2017 Although this unit was brand new,

The time of assembly of the car and you can expect a reduction in power reserve up to 12 percent as compared to the current production parameters. The mileage of such cars is around four hundred kilometers and above while they are not offered as a discount.

However since all warnings are given the company cannot be accused of deceiving consumers Tesla itself never communicates with.

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