Elon Musk Just OfficIally Showed The Incredible New Tesla Model

The passenger car market in the European Union is going through a tough time due to the shortage of semiconductors yet with the sales of electric vehicles including models with hydrogen cells and hybrids of all kinds continue to grow the prospect of external charging Tesla’s products is undeniable.

Leader in this Segment According to Jado Dynamics in November the total volume of the EU passenger transport market decreased by 18 to 855 cars compared to the previous same month 281 cars in November 2020 in turn was the year a decline of 29 percent compared to the same month of 2019 Still selling.

Electric cars in Europe share the very best of registration of cars with external electric prospects This month the regulators have added two hundred seventeen thousand seven hundred nine databases including hybrid electric vehicles equipped with charging ports and more attractive . With the types of electric vehicles steady growth according to experts is the demand for electric vehicles.

Partly due to the growing interest of the population in this type of car partly because of initiatives by governments and manufacturers to encourage the transition to the new mode. The traffic sales leader was the Tesla Model 3 with a total of 10 739 cars sold, this is in 12th place.

Overall rating 119 percent increase in the number of registrations for the year model compared to the previous same month Significantly, recently one of the biggest taxi companies in Paris g7 company stopped using model a due to a fatal incident that resulted in dozens People were.

Injured second place is taken by Renault Zoe. Second place in the rating of 8658 cars electric vehicles and 21 in overall standing of Third Dacia Spring 5746 39th place fourth fifth and sixth place respectively Tesla Model y . Was taken over by the top three Peugeot 3008 with the possibility of external recharging between the Skoda Anac iv and Volkswagen ID 0.4 7th Maki hybrids. Involved

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