Elon Musk Just Revealed Tesla’s Insane New Amphibious Car! ”A Dream Come True!”

Elon Musk just revealed that Tesla’s crazy new amphibious car The idea of ​​an amphibious car has been around as long as the early 1960s, on the other hand these cars were only able to cruise like a motorboat when they were on the water.

This car was the first in its class to be able to dive underwater like a submarine and drive on land at the same time and it was inspired by another legendary underwater car of the past and hence Elon Musk.

Let’s start almost 30 years after the movie thriller The Spy Who Loves Me Hits the Silver Screen Amphibian Is the First Car The Ability to Swim Underwater Drives It Again James You are an ace at driving if secret agents For if things get too hot he will go underground or under water as was powerfully demonstrated in the 1977 film.

The Detective That I Loved by Roger Moore When he dived under the waves in a sleek vehicle a few moments ago seemed to be just an ordinary car, but the only problem was that the scene never actually happened in real life because this animation was done by.

It was only now when the real world’s first submarine Tesla Motor Car Tesla Amphibious for visitors would become a reality as the fake of the movie has now become a reality We all know that Mr. Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla, made his extraordinary creations related to the automobile industry.

It’s no coincidence that as the acknowledged James Bond enthusiast and visionary automobile maker returned to the scene repeatedly in my head for three decades, I’ve attempted to imagine what it might be like to build a car that could fly.

The Tesla’s amphibious ability to actually sink and stabilize itself at a depth of 10 meters is what sets it apart from military vehicles, despite the fact that these latter vehicles can go underwater. They are only limited to slow on submerged surfaces. -Driving slowly, Musk said it is undoubtedly not an easy task to make a vehicle waterproof and pressure-resistant enough to be maneuverable under water.

The real challenge was to make a submarine car that moves like a fish in water. To become a sports car that was turned into an underwater dream by Tesla Engineering, the first stage of the conversion process was to remove the combustion engine from the system and replace it with a series of electric motors.

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There are three motors at the rear of the vehicle, this is one that propels the car off the ground and the other two that drive the underwater motors and at the front they are supported by two Powerful jet drives that drive the water intake. to allow the water intake loop to open and close.

The rotating outlet jet is designed to be extremely lightweight, breathing through special openings using high-tech nanomaterials, including so-called carbon nanotubes. The twist-resistant Tesla amphibian is guaranteed to steal the show from any Baywatch beauty at the beach.

Whatever it is, you can do it quite simply and drive the car into the water and it floats automatically until you crack as the Tesla amphibious passes over the surface of the ocean, The door will float to make the water float in the car, it starts moving towards the underwater world.

The breathing air for the occupants comes from an integrated tank of compressed air that is familiar to divers. Musk from Scuba Diving said, “For safety reasons, we designed the vehicle to be an open car so that people inside the vehicle can get out quickly in an emergency and with one attached.”

It may be impossible to open the door in the cabin, although safety was not the only factor in choosing the open top design, the Tesla Amphibian would only be able to move forward on the ground if it had an enclosed volume of two cubic meters of air.

However counteracting the buoyancy would require just two more tons of weight which would give it the maneuverability of the Turtle on land and if there are no occupants on board the Tesla Amphibious would automatically surface even on the ground in order to make the car autonomous.

Driving thanks to a sophisticated laser sensor system that was developed by Musk’s own company Tesla without a driver or passenger, plus a rechargeable 4680 battery is used to power the system, according to Elon Musk Tesla Amphibious One Zero emission vehicle.

The Swiss are among the world’s leaders in hydropower, Tesla’s filling station is a water reservoir, Musk said.

Equipped with powerful and energy-saving lighting technology at the same time in addition to streamlined and stylized XT, the rear vessel processing group and include 3D foil elements with embossed fish and shark skin patterns, combined with styling elements from Folietek. When combined together, they create a velvety matte white appearance with the addition of stainless coils on the suspension from KV Automotive to a harmonious appearance.

The Tesla Amphibious relies on AZ’s large Pirelli tires mounted on lightweight 17-inch and 18-inch forged wheels, which are custom made from mild steel, despite the Tesla Amphibious being really at home in the water, giving occupants a home straddle. and Hayes has developed an innovative salt water resistant interior with pearl trim and diamond plated non-slip inlays.

Made from kilograms of diamonds normally found in high-tech abrasives, in addition to creating a futuristic environment, the hi-tech video instrument cluster and controls allow users to control all aspects.

This is actually an unusual vehicle built by Elon Musk and his associates even when the vehicle sank.

In fact the Motorex lubricants used in the Tesla Amphibious are also biodegradable. It is a hallmark of the meticulous nature of the Tesla boss that Musk said is derived from his beliefs that the Tesla amphibious gives me the opportunity to be at one with nature.


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