Elon Musk Just Revealed The Huge Update 2022 Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

After Elon Musk said that Tesla electric cars should receive support for games from Steam last summer, it became known that AMD’s intelligent graphic solutions with RDNA 2 architecture will be written inside the multimedia systems of Tesla electric vehicles and the Model X and After updating the model it became clear that it could now compete with the same Sony PlayStation 5 in its performance.

Now that Elon Musk has set the task of making it possible to launch all games from the Steam catalog on Tesla electric vehicles, the same statement was traditionally made by Tesla‘s chief.According to him explained by Electrek on Twitter, it was time for the company to ensure Importantly, any game in the Steam catalog can be launched on the onboard system of its electric vehicles.

With the not-selective title emphasizing that the path to implementation of this decision would not be short, Elon Musk is also determined to make the cyberpunk game available to owners of the Cybertruck electric pickup.

Kups will also run on a standard multimedia system. For we emphasize that only the Model S and Model X electric vehicles that have been offered are the most expensive of Tesla.

They are equipped with rDNA 2 level discrete graphics, which is the massive Model 3 and Model Y to date. amd navi 23 discrete gpu are deprecated, but they have recently migrated to use amd ryzen processors for embedded solutions, which has made the native interface work much faster.

The uniqueness of the onboard Model S and Model X systems is the presence of two touch sensitive displays. One is located on the center console and the other is moved to the back of the armrest box located between the front seats, both displays you can see as Elon Musk.

Allows to play games as required, including using wireless controllers. The relevance of gaming inside Tesla electric vehicles will increase with automation. The company’s enthusiasm for the need to implement this function of the machine control process was somewhat premature at present, according to the requirements of officials to block access to games while driving.

A direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3 was merged into the network, renders of the Bied Seal electric sedan Bayed is preparing for the presentation of its new Seal electric sedan that will become a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3. The first unofficial photos of the bid seal were shown here by automotive journalist Greg Cable.

Greg signed the post on Twitter, by the way he commented. The electric sedan which is rumored to be part of an elite Chinese brand and will be announced soon, is being distributed across various social networks in ChinaDesign, it is worth noting that the electric car looks quite attractive.

It’s like Byd Han and Nio ET5. Images of a car A prototype of the Byd Seal has recently appeared on the network, it was then said that the Seal would have frameless doors and a completely Gla SS roof. It would be based on the Electro platform previously used in the Byd Dolphin.

The use of this platform assumes that the Seal will be equipped with a bi-blade battery. Chinese media reports a power reserve of up to 700 km will show how true these rumors are. Older Tesla Model X loaded Tesla owners offer them to install an electric rear door drive. The 2020 Tesla Model X car gets an electric drive design with a luggage compartment cover.

Most owners of used cars are not assigned such a task. Tesla’s biggest demand representatives responded to the car owner’s appeal, according to them a paid service was launched to install electric trunk lid drives in China, with the installed price of such service at US$630.

Registration of owners for the process directly through a special application developed by the company or by contacting the nearest service center separately. It should be noted that the installation of such a dev ice is also done by third-party companies.

But only Tesla can confirm the use of original parts and ensure an extended service life. Also the trunk lid has been improved by installing an electric drive.

It should be noted the ability to support animation displayed on the monitor, an intelligent jamming prevention function and warranty for a period of three years.

Installation of such a device would be relevant for any model that costs more than US$35000 Tesla Another major recall Half a million cars become problematic Tesla is recalling 578 607 electric cars sold in the United States, As reported by Reuters with reference to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NITSA).

The reason for this is the boombox function that allows you to play music and other sounds through an external speaker, including pedestrians who may not hear an oncoming car and warning sounds while driving, which can cause an accident with the injured. May cause the promotion to affect all four Tesla model models x 2017 to 2022 and s y and x.

Implemented in 2020–2022 in response to Neitz’s claims that no accidents have yet occurred, which would be caused by B. oombox but still announced a new campaign at the request of the regulator, although it can be said to be conditionally cancelable, owners of electric cars will not even have to visit the service as engineers fix the problem in a new version of the software.

Air Tesla secretly cut equipment for electric cars to deal with shortage of chips over the past six months In early February it became known about an even larger campaign that affected more than 800,000 electric vehicles in the United States.

It turned out that the seat belt sound signal may not work when the car is started and the driver is not accelerated at the same time Tesla has cut steering components from some cars to deal with the lack of chips. Faced with widespread shortages of that semi, under pressure to meet fourth-quarter sales targets, onductors Tesla decided to remove one of the two electronic control units.

Which usually goes into the steering rack of some made in China Model X and Model Y cars according to two employees, and internal correspondence seen by CNBC Tesla did not disclose the exception that already affected China Australia, Britain Germany And thousands of cars were delivered to customers in other parts of Europe.

It was not immediately clear whether Tesla would make similar changes to cars made in the US or shipped to us, the omission indicating that Tesla had to make the company publicly available to put its factories on sale by the final weeks of 2021. Changes beyond what was revealed as the world faced a constant shortage of chips.

Which, which affected everything from cars to laptop computers, also means Tesla can’t turn all of its existing cars into driverless vehicles with a simple software upgrade that CEO Elon Musk recently reported on earnings. What I said, my personal belief is that this year we will achieve full self-driving at a much higher safety level than an 8 person.

So with the cars in the fleet becoming essentially self-driving with a software upgrade, I think it could be the biggest asset value increase of any asset class in history. We’ll see what Tesla employees have said internally by adding Level 3 functionality that will allow the driver to use their Tesla hands-free without steering in normal driving scenarios.

This would require a dual electronic control unit system and would therefore require an upgrade when it went on service.

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