Elon Musk JUST REVEALED The INSANE NEW $5,000 Tesla Car

Tech billionaire Elon Musk just revealed the new five-thousand-dollar Tesla car, in what could be more widely accepted as the future of the EV industry, in fact almost everyone in the sector is looking to deliver new technologies and designs. Which is not only their cars beautiful but also very cheap.

Elon Musk unveils insane $5,000 Tesla car Tesla cars are very popular not only in the EV realm but throughout the car industry Total electric vehicle deliveries in the first quarter of this year stood at 310 048 The number delivered in 2021 approx due to the pandemic doubled during the same time period, but the prices of Tesla vehicles won’t encourage anyone on a low budget to buy except during a pandemic.

Attributing to you these high prices, which are out of Tesla’s control, certainly not everyone is willing to spend their entire annual income just to buy a car and that is not Tesla Musk’s aim and mission Vehicle prices have to be reduced so as to make them accessible. For everyone. Musk is a strong supporter of clean energy. Funding I believe is primary to help make the move from the mine and burn hydrocarbon economy to the solar energy economy.

But there is no particular permanent solution and since that time Tesla has not looked back in its mission to make electric cars as common fuel cars. And on the other end of the cost spectrum, Tesla is building muscle to compete with the best gasoline sports cars like the famous Porsche and Ferrari, but for any climate enthusiast it’s already a Tesla favorite. It’s a win for us because the rumbling rumble from the exhaust pipe of the spa sports car was the only water it would have been great at when.

Unfortunately this is not the case. But for Tesla it’s just another milestone in a series of high-end vehicle production moves toward its ultimate goal of affordability, which already has an excellent plan of action. Very quickly implemented and finally selling an EV for five thousand dollars is just around the corner. In a blog post, Elon Musk described a long-term goal for Tesla. He said Tesla’s strategy is to end-market with high penetration where customers are willing to pay a premium and then exit the market as quickly as possible.

This rapidly moved sales of the most expensive cars down the price scale to higher unit volumes and lower prices with each successive model. Cheaper cars will cost less to produce, so no one will be forced out of the EV market.

Given the fact that anyone who buys a high-end vehicle is actually funding the development of a low-cost family car, let’s take a look at which Roadster tops the list for premium pocket-friendly Tesla, $ Priced at up to 200,000, the most expensive Tesla vehicle this luxury sports car goes so far, the Roadster has been around for a while since its launch in 2008. It has been seriously updated with new features that are unique to anything before and in sync with its flagship value.

The super strong motor accelerates the car to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250 mph. Roadsters have a range of 620 miles. The first and second generation Roadsters are already operational, but the next generation Roadsters are not expected until 2023. The Model S is a bit more reasonable in price years later as a prototype that made its official debut in 2012 and has since been recognized as the best-selling EV of both 2015 and 2016.

With its new tri-motor electric setup, the Plaid Edition model is capable of reaching 60 mph in just 1.99 seconds and traveling up to 500 miles in a single drive, making the Model S more capable than a roadster. Get a better ride. Got market acceptance. Tesla claims that the Model S has been sold in total over 200 000. The Model X is similar to the Model S in many respects except that it is an SUV and the Model S is a sedan which was unveiled in 2012 and is the second longest running model.

The S Motor Model X can travel 360 miles and reach 60 mph in 3.8 seconds for the most basic model, which costs ₹94,990. Targets heavier pockets and even after the higher price tag the Tesla Model 3 was more affordable to come and the Y is the king of EVs. As might be added, thanks to their almost affordable prices, 310 048 EVs sold in the first Of the vehicles, the two models account for 95 percent, or 295,324 deliveries in the first half of 2022, according to Tesla.

Although not as ostentatious as the predecessor cars, they borrowed heavily from them while offering primitive features at a lower price than the Model 3. Thirty six thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars and the Model Y figure on the other hand is a little over 65. 990, both models have the same battery capacity of 250 kWh but offer different ranges of 358 for the Model 3 and 330 for the Model Y. The Speed Model 3 and Y reach 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and 3.5 seconds respectively, has been seen by many in anticipation of a time when Tesla will be able to deliver affordable EVs, Elon Musk has touted on several occasions and at various podiums Where is it? Preached to many listeners.

His plans to reduce the cost of his EVs but yet to materialize Tesla is known for not meeting the schedule and shelving the projects.

25000 cars estimated timeline tesla not working on the project during a conference musk told investors they already have a lot but we will but have enough on our plate right now clearly a lot on our plate but Clearly part of the blame also lies on impulsive CEOs who are sometimes very ambitious but others spiral out of Tesla’s control because inflation and indeed battery battery costs have been a problem not only for Tesla.

But there is a problem with other EV companies as well, the half price of vehicle batteries has been a big challenge for the sector, experiencing shortages in battery-making raw materials such as cobalt and lithium, not keeping up with their production rates. with demand. But necessity has always given birth to inventions and Tesla has been at the top of the game, the 4680 cells are the first to be produced by Tesla, it is new chemistry based on table-less cells that could revolutionize the industry and last a long time Can bring together Range affordability properties, just what is needed to make EV vehicles, no other battery technology.

Tesla is considering switching to a nickel-based chemistry that includes best range and iron phosphate. Short range If you think a cheap EV that costs less than five thousand dollars is a wildly ambitious dream, think again because Tesla is already gearing up to grow the number of customers who undoubtedly have a lot of potential. are buyers. Those holding back prices and Elon Musk know why the company is getting ready to ramp up production, a new Gigafactory has opened in Brandenburg Germany and another new vehicle assembly plant in Austin Texas is set to go live.

It’s not just Elon Musk who has wondered about the possibility of a cheap car. GM is already selling its cheapest car in China for around $5,300. The Bao Jun E100 is just 63 inches long, a two-seat EV. Powered by a 39 horsepower electric motor and can reach speeds of 62 mph in a full charge, the vehicle can run for approximately 96 minutes, it is reported that 5,000 people ride the vehicle’s first 200 people, despite high demand Will be able to do. There are tons of people you have to contend with for cheap EVs, you might get a full charge at home, but there’s not much guarantee of getting one in the city.

So the frustration of being stuck on the road in the countryside or a long distance road trip in the middle of nowhere because you’ve run out of charge is holding some people back, the driving range of a gas-powered car versus an electric one. Much longer than a car, which can range anywhere from 100 miles to 400 miles, depending on the type of car. This can be problematic if you are planning to travel long distances, but it is fine for daily commuting. If you charge your car at night, then you will have to be patient to charge the dead battery from zero to full.

Even the fastest charging takes some time. Stations will take at least 30 minutes to charge up to 80 percent. Still, EVs are the best cars because they promote sustainable energy use. There is no doubt that Elon Musk is insane and has revolutionized the EV industry by fully revealing it.

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