Elon Musk JUST REVEALED The Tesla Hydrogen Car!

JiSeveral alternatives have been tried over the years such as biofuel solar and even cooking oil however a serious and promising alternative exists and that is the hydrogen fuel cell that could be for Tesla. The vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses hydrogen.

Its primary source of propulsion is hydrogen-fueled space rockets as well as autos and other modes of transport. Examples of hydrogen vehicles are the chemical energy of hydrogen either by burning electric motors or by burning hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell into mechanical energy. gets converted.

Hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, which is a less common steam methane reformation that emits carbon monoxide, produces 98 hydrogen by 2019, it can be made from renewable feedstocks using thermochemical or pyrolytic methods.

But the techniques are currently prohibitively expensive, with a variety of methods being explored. Fast refueling similar to gasoline and a longer driving range over a single tank are two advantages of hydrogen technology;

However high carbon emissions when hydrogen is generated from natural gas. High capital cost. Low energy content per unit volume under ambient conditions. Hydrogen production and compression. The investment required for the construction of filling stations around the world is to fill hydrogen transport stations of hydrogen and All lack the ability to produce or distribute hydrogen at home.

Disadvantages of using hydrogen by 2021 Two hydrogen car models are publicly available in some markets Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo The Toyota Mirai is the world’s first mass-produced dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle.

or fcev Honda Clarity was manufactured between 2016 and 2021. Most of the automakers that were testing hydrogen cars have switched to battery electric cars other than Toyota Volkswagen, it has said.

That this technology has no future in the automotive industry as a fuel cell electric vehicle consumes almost three times as much energy per mile driven. As of December 2020, there were 31 225 hydrogen-powered passenger fcevs on the road worldwide compared to a battery electric vehicle.

According to Drive Hull Thousand Group a gas provider in the Netherlands was able to effectively increase the maximum range of Tesla’s models. Hacking business into a hydrogen power source is the first Tesla in the world to be produced that is both electric and hydrogen powered.

They even came up with a catchy name for it. The Tesla project was bought secondhand because Tesla was not involved in the transaction model. The system was described by Hold House ING Group engineer Max Holthausen as a giant maze when When it came to accepting hydrogen as a fuel source, Holthausen had to design and implement a solution according to the difficulties of the project, the crew members worked it out to the end, Heusler has two power sources.

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