Elon Musk JUST SAID The INSANE Tesla Model Y Is Here

It seems that Tesla owners may be banned from adjusting the seats too often. It was found in the software update of the Model 3 and there are signs of the introduction of the white electric vehicle seat abuse control system that detects two Monitors the indicator.

Frequent changes in seat position Owners who may not be comfortable in any way will receive warnings of the following nature Overuse of Seat Movement Mechanisms Motorized Seat Movement Mechanisms Motor is unavailable due to excessive Seat Movement Mechanisms Detected.

Use and wait five minutes to re-adjust seat position resource states that innovation can be done with the aim of preserving seat adjustment engine resource Perhaps customers often turn to service centers because of their breakdowns – Foot has also been pointed out.

Tesla has a new bros The company’s supplier of front seats had a new Tesla Gigafactory from Germany last year perhaps launched in Germany The automaker is looking for new partners for collaboration between local companies not only in the new Tesla Model y a. Is.

Larger payload but also an increased power reserve Details about the difference between German and Chinese versions According to my drivers who received access to Tesla’s internal correspondence Tesla Model Y electric cars produced by Berlin Gigafactory plant are already available.

Up for pre-order and will be delivered to the first buyer in March Documents show that the Tesla model y sedan produced at the Berlin plant has a power reserve of 565 kilometers Chinese kilometers The new car is equipped with a new lithium 12 volt battery It has the most advanced computer systems in the world as well as an improved audio system for the German Tesla Model 3.

It is known that it has 626 . The power reserve of the new Tesla Model y in the new Tesla Model y is not only a . Has a larger payload but also an increased power reserve Recently the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin was granted an exclusive license to produce 2000 Model Y units before the plant was allowed.

Released 250 Model Y for testing but did not meet Tesla First batch Quality expectations re-adjusted after plant approved for further production Recently it became known that the first batch of Tesla Model Y cars were produced The Tesla Gigafactory Plant in Berlin went to Germany for various tests.

Conditions Source German Made. Confirmed on why Tesla model electric vehicles have a higher payload than cars produced at the Chinese Tesla factory in the German version 562. It has a payload of kilograms and the Chinese version is 390 kilograms. Earlier said that he would visit the plant in Berlin in the near future but he diverted due to a leak of information that could affect his.

Personal protection Now Musk likely to tour in February This year’s Tesla Model Y could become the best-selling electric car, according to experts at Bloomberg Neff if Tesla ventures in Berlin and Texas manage to start mass production of these crossovers to the company.

Although will be able to produce more than eight million copies this year general electric cars can take the top five spot in the ranking of the year and this will be a turning point for the automotive industry thoughmm.

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