Elon Musk Just Showed How Tesla Gigapress Creates FULL Model Y

I will tell you about the latest update of Tesla Gigafactory that you didn’t know before so be sure to watch till the end Tesla will produce 600 000 electric vehicles annually Gigafactory Shanghai GigaPress is the first.

Such a machine in the world is manufactured by the Hydra Group in Italy and recently Tesla showed the work of the GigaPress at a Gigafactory in Shanghai, where this machine alone replaced about 300 assembly robots technically any US brand factory per year. Could not produce the declared number of electric cars.

But Elon Musk said that for these purposes there will be a massive reconstruction and modernization of working lines in the Chinese production consortium, the Chinese plant of the American brand Tesla plans to produce 5,000 electric vehicles annually.

There are currently 50,000 cars off the production line each month. Technically no American brand factory can produce the stated number of electric cars.

per year but Elon Musk said that for these purposes the Chinese production consortium would largely rebuild and modernize the working lines, the assembly of the machines after the work was completed if an electric motor was almost automatically under the management of the first.

The American concern announced that it plans to bring a Chinese plant to produce one million electric vehicles annually, how to achieve these indicators is still unknown. Assembled electric cars are sold not only in the Chinese market.

but also exported to partner countries allowing the American brand to become in greater demand and popular in the world market Tesla featured the work of a huge press on molding the back of the body with a detail

One of Tesla’s strategies to reduce the cost of electric vehicles by 25,000 is the transition to stamping the car body from almost a single piece of metal. Now the company is mastering the stamping of the rear and bottom 70 of the body. A part is obtained in the form of a blank in place of parts.

Which eliminates 300 work operations on assembly at once, but which requires building the largest presses in the industry, a matter of particular pride to the Teslaby Order. Tesla Gigapresses are manufactured by the Italian company Hydra Group.

The installation develops a force from 55 000 to 61 000 kn, the first such press was installed and launched last year at the Tesla plant in Fremontin in September last year, the same plant was given another giga press and the third recently It was recently delivered to the company’s plant in Texas.

The Shanghai Tesla factory also received a huge press and recently began producing products and the company confirmed its work at the Shanghai factory in a fresh video, stamped on the rear and lower body parts of the Gigapress.

The Model Y electric car installation works so well that Tesla ordered many more press from Italians in the future mpany plans to switch to stampings on the front and bottom of the case as well.

The front and rear parts of the body will also be linked by a neostructural battery pack that will be non-removable and form part of the body of an electric car. It is expected that such a process will be installed for the first time at the company’s factory near Berlin later this year.

In fact the assembly of the body of the future budget Tesla electric vehicles will be the assembly operation of three or four stamped parts and perhaps even in the future Tesla has launched the world’s largest casting machine, the first gigapress, the giant unit turned out to be so large.

Fremon plant workers had to assemble it in the open air and then build an additional roof over the Gigapress installation for the production of the Model Y crossover whose body would now instead have two monolithic parts.

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