Elon Musk Just Showed The $5000 Insane New Tesla Model 2

The cheapest Tesla model has already arrived The exterior of the new Model Two electric car has been revealed American brand Tesla announced the successful release of the debut prototype of the electric car Model 2. Know this model has already arrived.

Declared by the developer as the most affordable car of the company to be located below the current budget Model 3. Initially Tesla representatives reported that the future innovation would be the most financially affordable electric car with a starting price of 25 000 . At the same time it was assumed to be at the level of .

to model model 2 or model q. As it became known to the representatives of the Chinese media the test version of the American is fully operational and its features match them that the electric serial version will be the car in addition to what the automaker already has.

Decided on a list of partners who will ensure proper supply of electronic components required for the production of the car although so far neither official photos nor spy photos of the model have been published online so it is impossible to say.

Exactly what body type the manufacturer will offer for its new product has been decided at the specific time of the launch of the new product for sale. The electric car is said to hit the US market in 2023 and will become the main rival to the Nissan Leaf End. Kia Niro This is expected.

The electric car will be equipped with the budget version of the battery thanks to which the manufacturer will be able to achieve a significant price reduction especially the battery fifty . will be percent cheaper than the battery that the Model Three is equipped with at the same time its capacity will allow.

You will set a distance of 16 more percent The cheapest Tesla will be called Model 2 that will be released in 2023 New details have become known about the most economical Tesla model that will enter the market in 2023 Price reduction will not be possible.

Not only reducing the size of the car but also thanks to new technologies battery making publication Auto Car which published a render of the future novelty shows that the Tesla model 2 inches . The cost of Europe will be around £20,000

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