Elon Musk Just Showed The Newest Tesla Gigafactory Texas

Elon Musk & Tesla Gigafactory Texas

Tesla Gigafactory Data Leaked and Production Lines Demonstrated in Texas Several employees and contractors at the Tesla Gigafactory Texas posted a video on Snapchat from inside the factory, giving us a rare look at the production lines, showing things at a Gigafactory.

Texas Tesla recently confirmed that the first assemblies of new cars from the model were produced at the factory at the end of last year, we also recently reported that Tesla aims to have these first assemblies produced at the factory by the end of the quarter.

The new IC model is to be delivered. Tesla released some inside photos of the factory, presumably in line with the release of its latest earnings report in March.

But so far we’ve only had a limited look, but now we’re getting a rare glimpse of the factory, thanks to a few employees and contractors who decided to share their day on Snapchat this week, telling us inside the Texas Gigafactory A rare appearance on some production lines.

In which many robots were visible. The video also includes images of parts for Tesla cars, including engines and tires. As we previously reported, Model Y production has not begun at the Gigafactory in Texas.

The company’s development, but also marks the launch of a new version of the electric SUV with the new Tesla structural battery and 4680 battery cell, the idea being to produce larger cylindrical cells and pack them into a single modular battery that is a Also serves as a structural platform. Which you install the car body.

CEO Elon Musk has touted the technology as a manufacturing revolution in the automotive industry. Tesla hasn’t said how the new architecture will affect the specifications of the new version of the Model Y, but it is expected that details will appear. As soon as the EPA and NITSA get their hands on one for regulatory approval, Tesla takes delivery of another giant injection.

Molding Machines in Texas Gigafactory Gigafactory is taking delivery of another giant foundry machine in Texas, known as the GigaPress,As the automaker moves over the years to produce entire car bodies in just a few pieces, Tesla is investing heavily in castings and alloys.

Technologies to provide large cast parts that can greatly simplify production The company has acquired several units of the world’s largest casting machines.These giant multi-million dollar machines were designed by Giga Press before Idra Tesla was installed at the Fremont plant. 2020. The Gigapress machine was the first of its kind at that time.

It had a clamping force of 55,000 to 61,000 km five thousand six hundred to six thousand two hundred tf Tesla, which is already producing a Model Y that has a single rear body part.Seventy different parts have been changed in the car, now Tesla has started deploying these machines in other factories in USA, Berlin.

China’s Gigafactory Texas in Austin gets Jeff Roberts, who often flies drones over Gigafactory Texas, noted another Giga press delivery, believed to be the fourth GigaPress delivery at the new Tesla plant in Texas.

A photo from last year The first front casting part of the Model Y produced at the Gigafactory Texas was leaked in October.We reported that Tesla has previously released the Model Y with front and rear solid casting, while Tesla has lagged behind the launch of production at the Gigafactory Texas, which was supposed to start last.

The year looks like the automaker is going to start production with the GigaPress with front and rear one-piece molding and will likely combine the two with its own structural battery.

This will significantly reduce the number of parts required for the production of the car body, which will simplify production and significantly reduce the capital required for the deployment of 8 production facilities confirms the production of the Tesla model.

Y gigafactory in Texas has confirmed that production of the model will begin at the gigafactory in Texas by the end of 2021 and the company is now working on a final test.

It’s possible for a new version of the electric SUV that Tesla plans to start production at its Xiga factories in Texas by the end of 2021, the company confirmed in its new earnings report from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Which states that it has started making an IP model 2021 Gigafactory in Texas for this reason, it should come as no surprise that the past few days have seen fully built cars at Gigafactory Texas, confirmed that it is now awaiting final certification of the new version of Austin.

Manufactured Model Y 5:19 We plan to begin deliveries to customers upon completion of certification of the manufactured model at the University of Austin to begin deliveries.

As we reported last week, a source familiar with the matter told Electric that Tesla is now aiming to start shipping the new models by the middle of the Arab quarter, possibly by the end of March. But final approval depends not only on Tesla.

There are currently no buyers for the model from Austin to date. In its fourth quarter report, Tesla published several new photos of the Texas Gigafactory, showing some progress in deploying production facilities in the new Model M.

An innovation that was introduced into the design with the help of a structural battery pack fitted to the floor of the car body was that the Tesla would be able to attach directly to the seats to facilitate the assembly process.

While Tesla hasn’t exactly confirmed that the new model in Austin will be the new 4270 cells in the structural package, practically making the distinction that the first brand knew that a model built on the Berlin Gigafabrik would have 2170 cells, the Gigafactory Texas has a new Tesla YS.

This means that production has begun about seven new Tesla models. Why cars have been spotted at Gigafactory Texas and therefore production is expected to exceed seven new cars soon as production is expected to begin soon, its This means that production has started.

Tesla aims to begin production of the Model Y at the Texas Gigafactory in Austin by the end of 2021, not only is the start of Model Y production at the Gigafactory in Texas significant.

The company’s development, but also marks the launch of a new version of the electric SUV with the new Tesla structural battery and 480 battery cell, the idea of ​​which is to produce.

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