Elon Musk launches the new Tesla Giga Berlin and dances too.

Gigafactory Berlin

Hundreds of Model Y electric vehicles have been seen at the Tesla Giga factory near Berlin, the company has yet to get permission for commercial production of the cars, a video taken of a drone flying around a Tesla Giga factory year view Berlin’s network It has been shown that record manufacturing and production are progressing steadily.

With hundreds of Model Y electric vehicles already deposited at the enterprise’s site, with regulatory approval for the official start of production for delivery to customers is yet to be received, the Berlin Gigafactory holds an important position to expand into Europe. And the location is in limbo in Tesla’s plans to improve production and distribution efficiencies.

With Tesla now how many dollars are it going to sell these cars?

The automaker is to obtain the necessary environmental permits to begin producing cars for delivery to customers last month, with Tesla confirming that the first copies of the 2021 Model y will finally be ent. The automaker also received permission to produce 2000 Model Y bodies, stating that it required additional testing of the production process.

It appears that the tests were successful, although it is still unclear when the company will get the necessary permissions, with Tesla now spending hundreds of millions of dollars on producing these cars to sell them and not being able to cover these costs. One of the main delays relates to the coordination of environmental requirements with respect to water supply.

Water shortage threatens Tesla Giga factory Tesla Giga factory in Germany may not open due to environmental problems Water shortage in Germany due to climate change threatens the opening of US automaker Tesla’s Giga factory An environmental problem may postpone the start of its work or even stop it.

In August Bloomberg reported a 5 billion euro project by the head of Tesla Elon Musk Flip apparently stated that there is water around the company’s plant in Germany, but six months later the Berlin Brandenburg Giga factory was not yet properly operational. This has happened as the capital is suffering from freezing of the project due to a decline in the water table and prolonged drought due to climate change.

What did Brandenburg say when suing the authorities?

Tesla will be a very costly setback. The launch of the plant in Germany is necessary for the company as it will provide electric vehicles to the growing European market. Tesla is building a gigafactory at breakneck speed but is still waiting for the final approval of the local The first plant will have adequate current water supply, officials said.

But more water will be needed when expanding the venture. Environmental activists, concerned about a potential water shortage, sued Brandenburg officials saying that while issuing permission to pump groundwater for the Tesla plant, they did not address climate change. The authorities claim that the problem is solvable.

They are already looking for additional sources of water supply, although a decision in favor of environmental activists is likely to delay the plant’s opening and completely disrupt the first court hearings in the matter. According to experts, it will be held on March 4.

Some of the concerns environmentalists have justified have been falling water levels in Brandenburg for the past three decades and droughts that have damaged crops, and optimism about Tesla’s growth prospects in 2022 depends largely on the launch.

Who has sued the company?

Factories in Germany and Texas The Brandenburg plant serves as arguably the most important additional source of capacity for Tesla analysts, according to the company the German plant will produce the battery in January.Five Million Cars Per Year The lawsuit from environmental groups isn’t the first trial for a US manufacturer.

The company has already been sued by California officials who accused Tesla of racial discrimination and harassment of black workers at the automaker factory, near the Tesla Giga factory Berlin, will not start operating until mid-March Tesla Berlin The plant will not be put into operation until the middle of next month.

So far the company has yet to obtain final permits to start production of electric vehicles from local authorities who are still checking compliance with the safety requirements site, according to the German portal RBB, without naming the sources, the company said about possible incidents.

The data on the amount of permissible emissions of toxic substances during the period has repeatedly changed.Also officials have yet to evaluate Tesla’s plans or just wastewater treatment at the plant.

After that the plant will be able to obtain the required permits in fact the commencement of operation of the plant may be delayed due to the fact.Even after approval, the authorities would initially have to prepare and issue a formal license to operate Tesla in order to start production in the municipality of Grünhard, located 30 km from the center of Berlin.

What announcement did Elon Musk make on Twitter?

After media reports last summer that the company declined to comment on the reasons for the delay in the start of production, the plant will be the first Tesla production site in Europe to produce 500,000 electric vehicles annually, according to Reuters, citing representatives of German authorities.

The latter doesn’t name specific dates, but the work is in the final stages of the approval process before Tesla chief Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he intended to visit the Berlin plant in mid-February to keep Tesla from repeatedly opening. had to be postponed. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, regularly traveled from Germany to Moni because of his opposition to environmentalists and bureaucratic red tape.

Criticizing progress on the construction of the plant and repeatedly criticizing the German bureaucracy for making constant efforts to stop it, Elon Musk plans to complete construction of the Tesla plant in the suburbs of Berlin in July this year, But due to numerous bureaucratic delays and local resistance it was impossible for residents to cope with the announced construction schedule.

In 2022 environmentalists estimated that the depletion of water resources would be huge once construction was completed, it is reported that under a contract with the local authorities the Giga factory would consume 1.4 million cubic meters of water per year which would house a population of 40,000 people.

Meanwhile the groundwater level on the Brandenburg land has been depleting over the past 30 years, which according to environmentalists has caused drought and even wildfires if the gigafactory starts operating under rough water conditions. But the local utility relationship will need to be invested in new infrastructure and treatment facilities.

Easy Points:-
  • In addition new wells will have to be developed, yet the Tesla factory will double the water consumption in the area, according to the Axel Brnster Professor of Hydrology at the University of Potsdam.
  • This is already very serious. Note that the first court hearing in the water consumption case is scheduled for March 4.
  • Of course even before the company’s launch in Germany has suspended all activity at the facility, Tesla will have the right to produce more than 2000 bodies.
  • Model Y Tesla’s efforts to begin serial production of the Model Y electric crossover at a venture built in the vicinity of Berlin by the end of 2021 were unsuccessful.
  • Public hearings and approvals were delayed at the same time the company was allowed to produce several thousand.

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