Elon Musk most powerful is the Gigapress casting machine and it will form the entire rear underbody frame of the Cybertruck

Elon Musk’s secret weapon for building the Tesla Cyber ​​truck has been revealed and is the world’s most powerful Gigapress casting machine Using 9,000 tons of pressure, this new invention from the Idra Group will fabricate the entire rear underbody frame of the Cyber ​​truck .

It’s a manufacturing process that Tesla has already used to great effect with the Model y, but casting the giant Cybertruck Giga will take it to a whole new level. A truly unprecedented feat of design and engineering. Let’s talk about the new machine.

How Tesla will leverage the power of the GigaPress to make its Cyber ​​Truck a reality We can start with the machine itself before we learn more about what this means for the Cyber ​​Truck.

The Gigapress is essentially just injection molding on a die casting machine or an epic. The scale name press comes from the primary mechanism that presses the molten aluminum alloy into a large mold where the metal hardens into the frame section for the Tesla.

Vehicles like Elon Musk have said it’s basically the same process they use to make a car with hot wheels or any other type of toy. If you were a kid in the early 90’s you probably had some kind of Injection molding was the toy.

Like creepy crawlers or something where you dumped some goo into a plastic mold and then popped out like a little rubber bug or terminator or whatever. Same deal with full sized electric car bodies, every car manufacturer making multiple components. For the uses of casting and stamping which then occur.

were joined together to form a frame but Tesla was the first to scale that technology to the point where they were casting the entire front and rear quarters of the frame into single solid pieces of aluminum.

This obviously makes the car easier to build because now we’re working with just one big solid piece instead of a couple dozen smaller pieces, an idea that Elon Musk and Tesla have been working on for a long time. The big hurdle was finding a manufacturer who could actually produce a casting machine on the scale of the GigaPress during their Cyber ​​Rodeo presentation at Giga Austin.

Recalling the hunt for his eventual business partner, he said there were six major casting producers when we were trying to figure it out.

in the world we said six five, no one said maybe with a lot of team effort and great ideas we have worked very efficiently to make the world’s biggest casting machine build and radically simplify the end of the car That a company was brave enough to face the challenge.

Idro Group was an Italian producer that operates under the parent company LK Technology which is based in Hong Kong Liu Song Song. The founder of LK Technology spoke about its development process in an interview with The New York Times.

According to that for you Tesla actually works side by side with lk and idra for more than a year so that gigapress liu can also refer to the modifications that tesla will carry on its concept.

As a result of which LK and Idra made modifications at their end and also they said that every once in a while they will ask us if it is possible to do this or with each modification we need to make changes in our Machine to LK technology actually Have started supplying machines for making toys.

So it’s really just a very small process that has been scaled up to a much larger process. Tesla is already using this process to great effect in models. Every Tesla factory is now equipped with many Gigapress machines, which Generates 6000 tons of pressure.

With both the front and rear quarters of the Model Y being cast down to the body, now that Idra has revealed its latest creation, the 9000 ton Gigapress, in a video released by the company, we see this perfectly assembled mammoth machine. Reholding in early June, apparently with the new machine’s site everywhere.

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