Elon Musk Reveals He’s Opened A Portal & Have Created Spacetime Modification Technology

Elon Musk is without doubt one of the leaders in producing groundbreaking technologies for space technology from his AI and Tesla has demonstrated that he has no limits and thus the CEO of SpaceX recently revealed that He has developed a technique that earlier many people believed in. Imagine what this technology is and how they developed this revolutionary technology over the years.

Elon Musk has worked on some of the most innovative technologies the world has ever seen. Tech guru’s innovation is paving the way for low-emission sustainable green energy. It’s amazing these days that it’s hard not to mention his space exploits. Yes, whenever the word Tesla is mentioned, it’s hard to resist the thought of Elon Musk, the electric motor company that is so far ahead of all other EV manufacturers in terms of technology and the demand for their unpowered vehicles has skyrocketed.

The business of one of the top suppliers of solar power solutions in the US Solar City is serving them in more than 30 states SpaceX, the aerospace company owned by the tech billionaire, aims to reduce the cost of space travel and make possible a distant Mars Colonize the planet. His company designed the Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 rockets, the first orbital-class reusable rockets, and so far these rockets have been used to launch numerous cargo resupply flights to the International Space Station. are more affordable for private businesses and individuals.

Also created Starlink which made the internet accessible and not to mention Neuralink a wireless interface brain implant invention that Musk is working tirelessly to bring to reality that treats neurological diseases. Tesla Storage Center Electric Jets and Starship a fully reusable super heavy lift launch vehicle. One of the many inventions he has created or is working to replace the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy that will revolutionize civilization in any case.

These revolutionary inventions may have changed the world, but they seem small in comparison to what they are. The most recent inventions over the years are now scientists attempting to open portals to parallel universes as they feel beyond the fictional representation in movies. A mysterious mirror somehow lurks in the shadows of our reality.

In 2019, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee thought they had completed the invention of a device that would allow them to image particles in a parallel universe. In terms of planets would be similar to our own and maybe even reflect our own life, although it sounds fanciful but they had many strange occurrences that confirmed their firm belief that a parallel universe is real and one such example was the 1990 Happened in.

When particle scientists were figuring out how long it takes for neutron particles to transform into protons after leaving the nucleus of an atom. It was hypothesized that neutrons did not decay into protons at exactly the same rate in two separate experiments Three neutrons were trapped by a magnetic field and thrown into a laboratory bottle trap in one experiment.

The appearance showed that proton particles from the nuclear reactor stream lasted an astonishing average of 14 minutes and 48 seconds when released into the stream, while those from the bottled trap survived nine seconds longer, although the scientists made a subtle distinction. As at that time it proved the existence of a parallel universe.

A percentage of them may travel between our reality and a parallel universe before returning and emitting protons, which is detectable in our universe except for the absence of lithium-7, which physicists say is the result of the big bang. is the ratio. does not match and does it also provide a compelling argument for the existence of a mirrored world. The discovery of highly energetic cosmic rays originating outside our galaxy is another piece of supporting evidence and scientists believe that these cosmic rays could have oscillated in the mirror world before returning back.

To the visible universe because they are so powerful that in any case they cannot travel smoothly with new instruments. A new experiment was run and this experiment shot a beam of neutrons into an impenetrable wall, opposite which a neutron detector was installed. to capture any neutrons that might oscillate in the parallel universe and re-emerge in our world but unfortunately the experiment failed and nothing faster was detected at that time, a year later there were other speculations that scientists has found evidence of a parallel universe where time is reversed.

Speculation centered on the fact that the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna or A-N-I-TA, an array of radio antennas suspended from a helium balloon flying at an altitude of about 37 000 m, was used to detect radiopulses sent by cosmic neutrinos. it was done. does. The discovery of some anomalies suggested that when compared to the established fact that neutrinos are sent to Earth from space, it appears that some neutrinos originated from the planet’s interior and are thus Standard Model particles. . got distracted. The Standard Model is the hypothesis that classifies all known elementary particles and describes three of the four known fundamental forces in the universe.

Unfortunately, the idea that this anomaly was evidence of a parallel world has been refuted, according to commentary from the University of Hawaii. Many explanations were quickly dismissed, from sterile neutrinos to unusual dark matter deep deep inside the Earth. Physics Professor Peter Gorham’s discovery had nothing to do with the development of the idea of parallel universes, he also said that I am not opposed to free speculation about anomalies, we have seen our opinion that it is too much to explain them in words. Its difficult. In a matter of physics that is likely to be pretty bizarre in any case, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now ditched it all and experimented unsuccessfully with his latest discovery, and surprisingly it happened by accident.

Elon Musk’s plan was to see how the new phases could be created, and it was only after visualizing this proposed new phase that he and his group of physicists realized that they had achieved something amazing together with these physicists. , Elon Musk has devised a less error-prone method of storing quantum information by exposing qubits. Quasi-arrhythmic laser pulse based on Fibonacci sequence in quantum computer They shined a Fibonacci induced laser pulse sequence on atoms within a quantum computer, resulting in the creation of a surprising new phase of matter.

According to Philippe Dumatrescu, as a research fellow the project explores this purported parallel universe or extra time dimension, which makes the information stored in it more secure against errors than alternative setups currently used in quantum computing.

Without warning and there are no signposts to guide us in Scudder, the plasma physicist also explained that they are actual signposts and are formed through a process of magnetic reconnection that separates the lines of magnetic force from the Sun and Earth. separates. Mix and make a mixture. It is believed that the X point where the crisscross occurs and the sudden addition of the magnetic field can cause jets of charged particles from the X point to form an electron diffusion field at any position, these theories and Tesla’s CEO claims to have opened a portal has given air to.

While there is still skepticism about his claims, Elon Musk has also gone ahead to announce yet another discovery of his and this is even more shocking Musk who recently announced that he has created a technology that will will help change. Despite the fabric of reality and what appears to be sci-fi movie technology, Elon Musk is one of these alleged real technologies. Elon Musk claims he can reverse the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level.

It is believed to boast a propulsion system that defies gravity that works by using inertial mass reduction and a hybrid aerospace underwater craft. This cone-shaped vehicle could potentially fly anywhere. be it air, water or space, without emitting any heat signature and it can achieve this by creating a quantum vacuum around itself in a very dense polarized energy field according to Elon Musk, this vacuum craft can repel any molecule Enables removal of whatever comes into contact regardless of the medium.

Also the polarization of the vacuum gives immense speed and greatly reduces the elemental resistance of none other than Elon Musk. Excited about employing precisely rotating electromagnetic fields to control the plasma fusion reaction, which they think will revolutionize the use of electricity, plasma compression fusion drives will allow a hollow tube, at least dynamically A pair of fusers has several holes rotating opposite to each other and an electrically charged outer surface. According to its parent, it turns out that the pair of dynamic fusors emit electromagnetic radiation and a concentrated magnetic energy flux inside a vacuum chamber.

Wherein the compressed magnetic energy flow compresses the mixture of gases which are injected through the holes of the vacuum chambers in the form of injection. As a result a plasma core is created and the electromagnetic radiation heats this plasma core, this generates a magnetic field which will confine the plasma core between the dynamic fuser, as if an additional mixture of gases forms the cavity and receives energy. The plasma is then introduced into the core through tech gurus who are already working with solar energy towards green energy.

Want to produce safe and clean electricity through fusion as it has the potential to provide low cost carbon free and nuclear proliferation free energy to all. Elon Musk is known for making many claims and has backed those claims with amazing inventions over the years, because we can only wait till he makes the discoveries and inventions public.

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