Elon Musk said on Friday 8 June that the first production Model Y units were delivered

Elon Musk had an unexpected update on the 4680 Tesla Model and on Friday, April 8, Elon Musk said that the first production Model Y units were delivered. He thanked the Tesla crew for their efforts, with many new Model Y buyers.

What Elon is trying to do to express its joy on social media Elon will usher in a new era in EVs Will the battery set up new competition.

To discuss Tesla’s new battery update, Elon Tesla technician Reagan Jensen posted on LinkedIn over the weekend that he acquired the first Model Y with 4680 battery cells made at Giga Texas Johnson.

Tesla confirmed a month ago that there was still work to be done, the Tesla 4680 battery cell was introduced at Tesla’s Battery Day in September 2020, with the automaker showcasing a number of innovative technologies when combined into a more Power results in a dense cell that can cut costs in half, one of the most notable benefits of 4680 cells.

Ability to create an architectural battery pack that integrates mass and value of components underpinning vehicle manufacturing Tesla is operating a test production for the new rechargeable battery cell in Vermont, totaling 10 gigawatt hours by the end of 2021 intending to build.

In short Tesla has made significant progress according to CEO Elon Musk and yet there is still a long way to go before they reach them. Large-scale manufacturing of the 4680 battery cell is planned to power many of Tesla’s upcoming new vehicle programs.

That includes the Tesla Semi and Model Y, which will be manufactured at the Gigafactory in Texas and Berlin, respectively. Additional facilities under development once it straightens out manufacturing at the Kato factory Tesla previously said it plans to produce 4680 batteries with a capacity of 100 gigawatt-hours by 2023 and 3000 gigawatt-hours by 2030.

In a document filed with the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Monday, Gunfeng officially announced the massive transaction, according to Lithium. The battery company’s filing documents are yet to calculate the sale price and the value of Tesla’s three-year deal.

Tesla News reports that the corporation plans to launch some big initiatives in its electric vehicle sector in 2022, so the deal could be significant in reality vehicles such as the Cyber ​​Truck and Tesla Semi which are both to employ 4680 Tesla batteries.

May go into production next year, so it’s not unexpected that Tesla has signed a battery supply arrangement Tesla’s battery plan is starting to reveal itself. The company has placed a significant amount of battery contracts.

In addition to continuously improving its internal 4680 battery manufacturing test line at its Kato Road plant, Tesla has placed an order with Cattle for a 45 gigawatt hour lithium iron phosphate LFP battery, as reported from China with its suppliers.

Which is enough to supply approximately 800000 Model 3 Basic Range Plus and Model Y Standard Range units Panasonic Tesla’s battery partner. The Gigafactory in Nevada also released its own 4680 battery. Panasonic’s head of battery division, Kazuo Tadanobu, is optimistic about the new battery that the larger model has five times the capacity of the base model.

Tesla China has launched a new financial leasing plan with greater affordability that includes the option to buy vehicles without money and a variety of additional financing options, a milestone Tesla backers said.

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