Elon Musk said the Tesla bot is more important than Tesla vehicles

Elon Musk just said that Tesla bots are more important than Tesla vehicles because of what if robots hold the secret of humanity’s long-term existence Elon Musk is promoting his latest project Optimus also known as Tesla Optimus Is.

There is a design concept for a fully autonomous humanoid robot that will blend in with the rest of humanity in a future economy, where robots become the working class and humans rise to the top. This robot could become a major source of global labor.

Why is he giving so much importance to bots that Elon Musk can take away all these serious forecasts and fulfill his promise of robotic humanoids to save the world for a good while, Elon Musk has just said, comparing Tesla vehicles In Tesla boat is more important.

The Tesla bot has a sleek look that resembles Timothy Camley wearing a skin-tight SpaceX flying suit and a brash punk helmet. Its safety strategy includes it with a peak speed of only 5 mph and a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Elon claims that the normal person should be able to pass or at least pass the Tesla Bolt. Just unlike a tool like the Boston Dynamics Atlas, which can execute parkour and acrobatics with ease and has the ability to rip a human in half Optimus, by no means is it intended to be a useful elon, it has to be used as a worker.

Elon recently opted to talk at Cyber ​​Rodeo about the robot that began car production at Tesla’s Austin Giga plant and the program centered around the Tesla automobile and automaker as your perception of the economy grows. That it will be able to do almost everything that people are not willing to do it will be successful.

This will usher in an era of abundance. It may be difficult to understand but as you can see the optimists are emerging and we will make sure it is safe. There is no terminator reference, it will have a bigger impact on the planet than the automobile. Of course, the ultimate key to a safe and effective robot lies in programming.

Not in design. It is an area in which Tesla shines. Tesla is the front runner to implement because of its experience with real artificial intelligence. The same technology used to build a true artificial human robotic automobile that works for human drivers. With the ability to navigate city streets, the robots will be used to create workers.

who can be easily integrated into the human economy in a recent interview with Business Insider Elon was able to speak frankly about his approach to the Optimus project concerning AI and robots. I approach things with some caution He said because I don’t want anything that could endanger the human race, although humanoid robots are becoming more common.

Consider the case of Boston Dynamics. Every year they improve their performances. AI is progressing at an alarming pace. So Elon claimed that artificial intelligence and robots would be around whether he was around or not, on the other hand he wanted to lead because He doesn’t trust anyone else that the rules for driving a robot safely should be simple in theory to enforce.

While it might be as easy to exploit them if we go back to our favorite science fiction, we might find Isaac Asimov’s work in the Irobot novella and not the Will Smith movie. But can take a more analytical form, as defined by the three laws of robot safety.

The first rule is never to injure a person or enable a person to harm them. Rule number two is to always obey the commands of human beings unless it contradicts rule number one rule number three self As long as it doesn’t conflict with one or two of the rules, we can apply the same set of rules to Tesla’s self-driving car development.

You probably know that the first rule of Tesla Autopilot is to avoid colliding with or being hit by anything. I’m not sure if Elon ever said rule number two, but we can assume that it follows all traffic rules.

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