Elon Musk said, Twitter will run according to me, and it will be a complete guide for people.

Elon Musk revealed the new beginning of Twitter, apparently everyone knows that Elon Musk and Twitter are married in a relationship Something in common with.

If there is anything in his mind or heart that he wants to get out he simply takes to Twitter. Being a successful businessman who has made billions of dollars from his ventures, it begs the question why would he give up on something he loves.

There is also a lot of potential in this that is why Musk has invested in Twitter, according to him it is a new beginning for the social media giant, let’s talk about this in today’s Elon Musk, see Elon Musk till the end Sure, everyone is welcome.

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That starts out as t he so beautifully reminded us that money can’t buy you love, but can it at least buy you Twitter in a surprising offer made on April 14, which Forbes ranked as the world’s most Ranks as rich person.

who offered to acquire Twitter to inspire the company’s board of directors. Do what can be described as the emission of a cloud of ink, as a result of which other potential suitors have emerged as well as investment houses eager to play a role in Wednesday’s sale.

Things could take a turn if only the date 420 matches a number that both Twitter and Musk are using in their spats, with Musk offering to buy Twitter for 54.20 per share, Twitter’s preferred stock price at 420. Responded by creating a new category because actually buying a publicly traded company is more complicated.

Compared to buying a roti or a house the issue is not just about having the right amount of money, although having the right amount of cash is an important factor, it is also about persuading the current owners or rather the people who To accept money represent them.

There are also federal laws that must be followed, including disclosure requirements for potential buyers and fiduciary obligations for directors of target companies whose duty it is to uphold, among other things.

Shareholders’ interests Publicly traded companies are owned by their shareholders who are often institutional investors such as pension funds and mutual fund companies. In all cases their shareholders elect directors who are legally in the best interest of the shareholders. obliged to act.

Directors appoint officers who then determine the company’s strategy and conduct its day-to-day operations if a potential buyer is serious about buying a controlling stake.

So he will talk to the top executives of the company to get support. One possible way for management to win over the board is to make it easier to persuade shareholders to sell.

But Musk took a different route to become Twitter’s largest non-institutional shareholder before briefly negotiating with the company’s management and then announcing his intention to cash in the rest of the company’s shares, so why didn’t he just buy? of shares on qt unless he effectively owns the company because investors who buy more than five percent of the voting shares of the company.

U.S. within 10 days. Perhaps the most important part is whether they intend to take control after this disclosure has been made to their holdings that constitute a material change. For example if the company acquires at least one percent of its shares or sells.

So must be disclosed within two days, said David C Mahaffey Sullivan, a securities attorney in Worcester and a securities attorney in Worcester that said the goal is not just to prevent companies from being taken covertly, but to limit the profits they hold.

Those who learn of a potential buyer’s plans before the rest of the market said it was nearly impossible to buy a significant stake in a public company without knowing about it, Elon Musk made his Twitter interest public on April 4. When he filed a Schedule 13G reporting that he had more than 9 ownerships of the company.

In fact the forum indicated that it had acquired more than five percent of Twitter’s voting shares as of March 14, yes that is more than 10 days before the form was filed and yes is there anyone who did not comply with the company’s disclosure requirements.

More stringent for shareholders who own 10 or more shares of the company and additional rules against taking profits too early, it has been confirmed that Sec allows the company to withdraw any profits from shareholders or top executives. Sell ​​your shares within 6 months after the disclosure of the purchase of Elon Musk.

So Twitter quickly reached an agreement to give Elon Musk a seat on his board of directors by 2024 in exchange for Elon Musk not notifying the Securities and Exchange Commission until April 13 that by April 13, He was no longer interested in a board seat.

Rather than wanting to buy all of the company’s shares and converting it into a privately held company, Elon Musk wouldn’t have to buy every share of the company in order to enforce his wish on Twitter, in other words. will be able to accomplish this by acquiring a majority of the shares of the company.

Used his votes to oust directors and executives who did not share his view that Twitter should be the platform for free speech around the world as he told The Second that Elon Musk should be asked to take the company private. The rest of the shareholders will have to buy out.

The hostile bidder usually makes a tender offer that gives shareholders a set price to sell by a certain date, according to Mahafi a tender offer must be open for at least 20 business days and each share must be sold to the eholder Gotta get the same price.

While no one is obligated to accept an offer that investors can withhold and later take their chances at a higher payout if the buyer doesn’t acquire a majority of the shares, Musk told Sec. Nor does it say in its present form serving the social imperative of free speech.

That it needs to be turned into a private company David F. Larker, director of Stanford’s Corporate Governance Research Initiative, says going private gives Musk the freedom to remake Twitter without having to answer to anyone else,

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