Elon Musk SHOCKED SCIENTIST With The Tesla Hydrogen Car!

He would certainly say electric with Tesla at the forefront of the movement, but what if we give you another option that is just as good, if not better, than battery electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells, the universe’s most abundant resource and producing water only as a byproduct, is a promising technology.

Which has the potential to disrupt the ultimate industry but they have met over the years. Quite skeptical Elon Musk, who referred to hydrogen fuel cells as complete cells, called the technology a brainwash. Tesla also opted to switch from batteries to hydrogen power in 2024. He also said that the first vehicle to use the fuel would be the appropriately named Model H.

In Musk’s opinion this is likely to result in terminal problems with 100 80 degree inversions. Experience. Tesla and its competitors dominated the debate over who would control the battery-powered electric vehicle market when the batteries were mass-produced. The future of the automobile. But there’s another kind of green transportation in the sports world that makes up America and IT.

Lithium-ion batteries provide power to an electric car’s motor which in turn isolates the vehicle’s components to charge the battery by plugging it into the power grid like any other electrical device such as a computer. Or on the other hand hydrogen automobiles have an electric motor which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Hydrogen and water vapor from the oxygen allow the motor to generate energy while the harmless water wiper hydrogen fuel cell automobile is released into the atmosphere, also known as fuel. Sail Electric Vehicles surprised Twitter followers by announcing hydrogen-filled pressurized stations in service.

The first vehicle technology based on it will be the Model H. This will be known as the Model H. This crossover class will have a vehicle that has been one of the most popular body types at present. Will be in size between Model X and Model Y. The initial letter between Model X and Model Y would include Muscle and Model H. Unprecedented innovation, the most notable of which is the Hindenburg Mode.

Based on SpaceX technology. The Model H uses a hydrogen onboard rocket to accelerate to 60 miles. at 1.2 seconds per hour, though it will quickly eliminate that limit with a more efficient driving style with the wltp rated at 451 miles. The Model H will become a five-seater with a 7-seater option.

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