Elon Musk Shocks Shareholders With New Cheapest Tesla – Huge TSLA News

Cheapest Tesla Elon Musk Is Changing Everything He’s Bringing Growth By Innovation First He Made Electric Cars That Worked Really Well Then He Made Electric Cars Cool Next Elon Is Making Them Available To Everyone If You Ever Wanted Tesla Want to join the owners club but the price tag akes it out of reach then you are in the right place in this post.

We’ll point out that while we’re expecting Tesla to release its cheapest model for just $5,000, you can join the EV revolution where we give you, welcome to Elon Musk and his billions. All the latest news about dollar companies Let’s dive into today’s topic One feature that has always set Tesla apart.

That is its fsd which is also known as full self-drive mode, yet you also get the option to drive the car manually. That in the future we will usually see completely driverless cars, we have received news that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is about to launch a new model of an electric car that costs just $5,000.

What makes it even more interesting is that it doesn’t have a steering wheel, it’s interesting, stay with us till the end to know more about it, it all started with an interview Elon Musk interviewed on Wall Street Elon Musk announced with the Journal that Tesla is working on a new design and that the car will cost just $5,000, making it super affordable.

You should know why this car is so cheap, according to them new battery cell and Tesla is manufacturing. Working at present will be the basis of this project and will make this price achievable You might be wondering why the reason is in electric car the main expense battery battery production cost decreases as your production increases.

When Tesla can increase its production to a certain level it means that they will be able to produce a battery that costs so little that a five thousand dollar car is really possible Tesla named this new car Tesla Is. Model 2 and production will be done at the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai China. If we go to a year earlier Tesla said there will be a new R&D center in China.

The focus of the center was to design an electric car according to the Chinese style and anticipate what shape this Model 2 Tesla is starting to take Tesla has started hiring people for this program and we already have production started According to some Chinese resources, production is going to start by the end of this year but Elon Musk recently held a meeting in which he said that production will start in 2023.

Another topic discussed at the meeting was whether the Tesla Model 2 should include a steering wheel and pedals, with Elon of the opinion that there is a high probability that there will be no steering wheel in the new Model 2 and that it is more likely that it will become the model for future models as well.

So while we should expect a fully automated driverless car, the Model 2 isn’t produced before Tesla is working on its self-driving software, is going to be an easier road, even if it doesn’t need self-driving software. That said, it still requires a driver’s attention even after the software is released and proven to be efficient it will be improved and made suitable for newer ones.

The model will also answer the question of whether the Model 2 will have a steering wheel, so Tesla’s primary goal is Elon Musk. Said in the meeting that this car will definitely be manufactured in the long term also.

He said in a meeting that his car has always been Tesla’s primary goal of making an affordable electric car. He stressed the importance of electric cars by showing pictures of highly polluted cities. With the launch of the new Tesla model, Tesla has also announced new battery cell designs and a new build.

The process which is more efficient according to Tesla, these battery cells will result in an increase in the battery range by 54 percent plus a reduction in battery prices by 56. This makes the car come with a price tag of just ₹5,000 in 2022. Tesla will definitely be cheaper. It is true that the Model 3 carries a tag of 45,000 model y starts from 60,000 model s.

Not less than one hundred and twenty thousand dollars and the fact that this car will be worth just five thousand dollars. A big achievement for Musk, he pointed to the launch in the past will be an affordable car that everyone can buy with a price tag of just five thousand dollars, you can expect a luxury style car like Bentley.

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