Elon Musk – Tesla is launching a new automatic electric trunk for the Model 3

Tesla is launching a new automatic electric trunk for the Model 3, the update of which is available at official service centers Tesla has launched a new automatic electric trunk for the Model 3, offered directly at service centers, the product current Available only in China.

But like most Tesla products these days it starts in China and then is expected to expand to other markets by 2021. All Tesla cars with the exception of the Model 3 had automatic trunk lifts.

You had to use your elbow lubrication power to open the trunk. Some of the Model Three Tesla owners have led to the aftermarket third-party products for automatic electric trunk lacing, but these products are not sold by the owner or third party. K Store who is not the ideal Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Indeed, the automaker is working to ensure that service centers install lifts on the Model 3 for people with limited capabilities. This was the first sign that Tesla was actually ready to offer the service. is launching as a product offered by its official service centers in China.

The automaker announced it through its official Weibo account service to update the back door of Tesla Electric official service Original spare parts Professional technical installation The long-awaited electric tailgate upgrade for owners of older cars is already here .

Your voice we are all listening attentively what do you hope tesla will provide welcome to drop your suggestion tesla also posted this one about the process of getting the update cost is equal to six hundred and fifty dollars and It can be ordered through the app like all other services.

The upgrade is slightly more expensive than third party products but includes installation. It is currently only available in China but like many new Tesla products and services the company often launches them first in China and then expands the offer into others. does.

Tesla is now under invoicing due to a problem with Autopilot’s phantom braking Estimates by NITSA The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has confirmed that it has launched an investigation into Tesla’s phantom braking problem with Autopilot as one such problem.

About which owners have been complaining for almost a year. Back in November, Electrek published a report titled Tesla has a serious problem with phantom braking in Autopilot, highlighting a significant increase in Tesla owners who use Autopilot. Reporting dangerous phantom braking incidents on Phantom Braking.

It is a term used to describe when an advanced driver assistance system or self-driving system applies the brakes for no good reason, the system may falsely detect an object on the road or anticipate a collision. Apply brakes to try to avoid it and obviously phantom braking is something you want to avoid because it can.

Accidents can happen if someone follows you too closely, this problem is not new at Tesla Autopo ilot but our report was dedicated to Tesla drivers who saw a clear increase in the number of cases based on anecdotal evidence, but backed by The nitsa report also resulted from a clear increase in complaints.

Which sidelined several other publications, but has yet to become widely. Although The Washington Post finally picked up on the story earlier this month with a very similar report, which circulated more widely at the time. When Nitsa commented on the report, they said they were looking into the matter and were talking to Tesla about it today.

Defect Investigation OD confirms that it has started investigation 354 complaints were received.

The last nine months have often been characterized by consumers as the Phantom Tesla describes the vehicles in question. Being equipped with a set of advanced driver assistance systems called Autopilot, Tesla says the car can automatically break down and drive down its lanes. will be allowed to run inside.

Complaints allege that the car unexpectedly breaks down while driving on the highway when using a slave features including adaptive cruise control.

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