Elon Musk: ‘This Is The First Fully Performing Humanoid Robot!’

Elon Musk has a Midas touch in whatever field he enters, to be more precise, the genius and world-renowned technologist introduced the first fully performing humanoid robot on Tesla’s AI Day. The promise that this is the beginning of the AI apocalypse Elon Musk has warned the world about artificial intelligence.

He believes that AI is the greatest threat to civilization as it holds great promise to one day overtake humans and endanger us, yet he introduces the world to the progress of his work on the humanoid robot Optimus, he claimed. That by making a Tesla robot, the company can ensure its safety.

According to the company, the robot can help with mundane tasks like car maintenance or grocery shopping, but it won’t be intelligent enough to outperform human gunslingers. and persuaded Hale to get involved and set this robot to fruition on a large scale so that it could help millions of people. The purpose of the event was to invite engineers to work on the project.

The staunch supporter of environmental protection and climate change claims Tesla is changing the terms of an established mission statement by pledging to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy as part of its appeal to investors and climate activists. has become, according to the optimists the mascot doesn’t align with the beginning of the optimus prime which directly accelerates sustainable energy, I think the mission is broad, you know our goal is to make the future brilliant The aim is to make a useful humanoid robot as soon as possible.

Musk told the gathering at the Tesla office in Palo Alto California that there was still a lot of work to be done to perfect and demonstrate Optimus, claiming that a robot business would be worth more than its cars, the billionaire said. Said in May. Claimed that self-driving cars are expected to move forward. Without full self-driving capability, the world’s most valuable automaker would be basically zero and the company faces regulatory scrutiny and technical challenges ahead of Friday’s event.

Musk announced on Twitter late Wednesday that there would be tons of tech details and cool hardware. The demo and that live demonstration were designed to test the engineers Tesla’s track record. Launches are usually met with applause but in 2019 Musk showed a worker through the armored window and glass of a new electric pickup truck. Tech billionaire Elon Musk has unveiled the latest working model of a humanoid robot being built by his Tesla electric car company Optimus.

Raising his knees, the CEO said the robot was still in development, but it could be available for purchase by the general public in a few years, with company engineers testing Tesla’s mass-market robots in car factories . The Tesla AI Day presentation prototype run on stage will be followed by a video of Optimus performing simple tasks like watering plants.

The audience was shown carrying boxes and lifting metal rods. Musk said the robots would be mass-produced at a cost of less than twenty thousand dollars. And will be available in three to five years. The demonstration demonstrated Musk’s approach to one of the most difficult problems in robotics and AI, which is building a machine that can replace humans, it’s not too early to say that Tesla has achieved it Because the prototype is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. Man, but it still takes years of hard work.

Companies such as Amazon and Google have worked to create robots that can pick up or carry objects with mechanized paws or hands and perform tasks in a difficult feat, the technological panacea through which businesses can replace humans. Workers could be replaced by endless robots, yet not realizing that Tesla would be the first company to embark on such a project, Elon Musk predicted a future of abundance for the company.

This is truly a fundamental change of civilization as we know it. Henry Benamore, professor of robotics at Arizona State University, called the musk’s twenty thousand dollar price point a good proposition. Noting that humanoid robots currently cost around a million dollars, the ambition and what he presented isn’t quite up to par, adding that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to dexterity, speed, steady walking . According to Aaron Johnson, professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, it comes down to capability, and therefore the need for robots.

The scale is so impressive that the use case for building millions of these is still a bit unclear, Johnson remarked, adding that investors and financial analysts are skeptical that Tess will pursue robotics, which could help the company. . Would recommend focusing on projects more closely related to your core. The business of electric vehicles We’re always careful not to go down the Terminator path Elon Musk warned, referring to the blockbuster film about a killer cyborg.

He said Tesla was implementing safeguards such as a stop button that Musk could not, arguing that shareholders would decide whether his publicly traded company was socially responsible. Musk revealed Tesla’s plans for humanoid robots at the company’s AI Day in August 2021. Then Tesla’s AI robot was a man in a robot suit. The non-combatant was claimed to be a five foot eight cyborg.

Terms of being able to walk away from it and most likely Musk previously said the event was postponed until the robot prototype was operational with production set for 2023, from the event Tesla previously teased the bot’s release. Images of heart-shaped metal robotic hands have surfaced on social media. Kasturi believes that one day robots can be used to cook food in homes, care for the elderly and even physically examine the human body or sex partner. will be built to serve as Arizona’s facility, according to Benmore and the state.

University robotics professor creates flexible human-like hand that can handle a variety of objects Optimus Autobot is a reference to the strong and kind leader of Optimus Prime from the Transformers media franchise, the Autobot in the film universally loved by both children and adults goes. , Musk claims that current humanoid robots were mindless, lacking the intelligence to navigate the world on their own.

They were prohibitively pre-conceived and produced Optimus in limited quantities, on the other hand they claimed it would be an extremely capable robot that would eventually be mass produced in millions of units and for less than twenty thousand dollars, By which it will become. The robot came on stage, waved hello and raised its arms in the air to demonstrate its range of motion, but it could not move. This is just a prototype and a lot of work needs to be done on it. Tesla claims that the robot will be able to reach on its own.

The company then gave a highly technical presentation about its efforts to build and train the robot, covering everything from its initial movements to more complex capabilities like pelvis unlock and arm sway. This is literally the first time a robot has been operated wirelessly on stage. Tonight Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company showed video of lifting objects and watering plants, we didn’t want it to crash.

He waved a crew of robots on stage dressed as skeletons with exposed wires and hardware, three men on stage to support a new version of the robot, which also showed Musk’s desire to It was stated that the robot must have basic physical abilities such as the ability to move each finger and opposable thumb independently with a range of motion so that it can operate the device. This is being done to meet the increasing manpower demands. That is, a future of abundance where there is no poverty where people have everything that you have.

The products and services you want He proudly handed over to the robot that this is truly a fundamental change of civilization as we know it He said that according to Tesla the most recent version of the robot will have audio and cyber security features including Wi- There will be Fi and Wi-Fi. LTE capability is similar to that of a cell phone and a Tesla computer chip, it has a 2.3 kWh battery pack which is far less than what the manufacturer says. The company claimed that the robot’s hands have 11 degrees of freedom, which is likely a reference to the directions in which they can move.

The company claimed that it designed the robot keeping in mind the goals of mass production. Note that while a car was designed to be quickly mass-produced, it was built using sophisticated technology, according to Tesla, robots could be used to perform such tasks in their factories Which gives employment to thousands of people.

Workers involved in the manufacturing process solve the most pressing issues facing large corporations, the Tesla bot is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to usher in a new era of robotization in which computer algorithms replace decisions made by humans. make similar decisions and advance their knowledge without them. Its design allows it to move its fingers to perform tasks with the instrument, due to the need for human intervention.

Companies are developing new ways to automate previously manual tasks as the country grapples with a labor shortage that has left a significant portion of manufacturing jobs unfilled. improve the safety of human beings and create new opportunities, they also receive support, a company developing humanoid robots will undoubtedly be a revolutionary step forward, according to Gene Munster, managing partner of Loop Ventures, initially manufacturing jobs can change Which accounts for about 10 percent.


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