Elon Musk Unveils NEW Tesla Supercar That SHOCKS The World!

We’re actually making a new product, we’re actually designing a new product, we’re not sitting on our hands, here are two new products, I think you’re going to be very excited about it, Cyber Truck Production and delivery of the Tesla Semi is pending for what.

The announcement of Giga Mexico for customers is predicting 2023 to be a great year for Tesla, but the vehicles the EV maker plans to launch in 2024 will push Tesla’s power to its limits, with new The news of the model has left the competitors behind.

Trying to find answers before time comes but for fans of the company it couldn’t be better news the whole company was tesla roadster people have been asking us for a long time when are you going to make new roadster, We’re making it up now, probably even more than the demand for the Cybertruck and the Model Y. One of the most anticipated releases from Tesla is the 2024 release of the new Tesla Roadster.

The first version of the Tesla Roadster first appeared as a high-performance attention-grabbing vehicle that announced loud and clear that it was possible to make a great electric vehicle, Tesla’s early bet and considering where the company is now yes it paid off massively but it was never tesla’s end game and by 2011 the famous game changer was dropped from the scene as tesla wanted to focus on its more mainstream products.

More than a decade after its production ended, the Tesla Roadster is almost ready to hit the road once again, the new Tesla Roadster aims to be one of the fastest cars on the road, doing zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds mph and cover a quarter mile in 8.8 seconds, which means it will be more than a second faster than its main rival, the McLaren 570.

While the original Roadster had a 244-mile range, the Roadster 2.0 will more than double that number, giving it a range of 620 miles or 998 kilometers with a top speed of 250 mph from its 200 kilowatt-hour battery pack. The car should be capable of a charging speed of 250 kilowatt hours and a range of about 200 miles from the vehicle. The new roadster will also use the same tri-motor powertrain used in the Model S Plaid and Model X.

Apart from this, cold air thrusters will also be added around it to improve the vehicle. The new model will come with two smaller rear seats for its performance and more space, so how will the exterior and interior of the car look, design wise the 2024 model will be similar to the original roadster with a streamlined sporty design. and a removable glass roof, if you’re driving and suddenly don’t want the roof anymore, there’s plenty of room in the trunk to store it, like the original roadster it also has a low front hood, sporty lower bumper and angled headlights Are.

The car retains Tesla’s sharp looks, mostly free of any embellishments and muscular fenders, making the car look like a unique machine, the concept pictures show the car in red, but the Roadster for Tesla to be in black possible. Release in other colors. The car’s interior is also a mix of most of Tesla’s design cues, being gray white and blue, but there are a few changes that set the Roadster 2.0 apart from other vehicles.

One feature that you can easily find on most Tesla models is the use of buttons in place of stalks. But from the concept photos it looks like Tesla is saying sayonara to its famous buttons, with the company still retaining its controversial yoke design for the steering wheel and also introducing a floating touchscreen display in the centre, which is typical of the Roadster. Not in 2.0. The traditional gauge isn’t even a cluster.

The dashboard looks like a plain slab with nothing on it, the front seats also look very sporty and comfortable and the rear seats are so small that it looks like they are only for little kids, overall Tesla’s interior The design is minimal as always, standard black. And based on the white theme the company prefers on the roadster, it is a distinctive car than any other car.

If you want to add it to your garage, it can cost a few hundred thousand dollars or more depending on the version needed, but it’s still a lot. The price is subject to change after the car is finally released and may be more or less. There could be many and if the Roadster doesn’t do it for you, you’ll have another option in a few months, no other electric sports car will be able to compete with the Roadster 2.0 when it’s released.

But Tesla’s latest model, the R45, may be the alternative Tesla R45 fans have been asking for. Tesla has since developed the R45 with Tesla, blending Lamborghini’s design with Tesla’s efficiency and stability. This is moving away from their traditional design as they did with the Cyber Truck as it features a sleek exterior and smooth lines and curves on the side of the vehicle, but in terms of design it looks like a Lamborghini.

Where the similarities stop, its features include an advanced electric powertrain and boasts a top speed of over 200 mph and can hit north of 60 mph in two seconds, just a second behind the roadster Its high speed ease makes it one of the fastest production cars in the world and the reason it goes so fast is first of all its battery pack and advanced motor which gives it a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge.

The charging capability of the R45 is going to be better than this. The Roadster can charge up to 80 percent in less than 15 minutes using Tesla’s Supercharger, while the car’s exterior immediately reminds you of the Lamborghini brand, the interior follows the usual black and white theme and features Tesla’s unique Maintains minimal design with features. In the center is a large touchscreen that provides access to a number of features such as music.

navigation climate control and possibly video games as well as the high performance and efficiency of the R45 make it one of the best choices for car enthusiasts who want to support the environment but not put up with slow cars and its long range capabilities want to stay Make it suitable for long distance.

Trips so you don’t have to worry about the car stalling before making it to the next charging station, yet not everyone can afford to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a vehicle.

It doesn’t matter how fast and cool it is and that’s what makes it the next car. more special and now they’re finally doing it I think we’ll get a 25,000 car it’s something we can do but it’s maybe if we try really hard I think maybe we Could do it in three years, Tesla’s Roadster and Model S vehicles like Plaid have made a bold statement in the auto industry and in the next few years, starting from 2024, Tesla intends to push the boundaries yet again.

But this time not in performance or speed at the end of the day. has clarified that the goal was never to make Tesla a luxury brand, but rather a mass-market company with cars that most people can buy regardless of their budget, while those with deep pockets will be able to buy cars by 2024. Will be able to buy it by the summer of 2016. People will still have really expensive cars, Tesla’s first really affordable car will be released yes, you heard that right think of the Model 2 as a smaller version of the Model Y priced at 25,000 or less.

It is going to be a compact car and Musk has already stated that he plans to make two of these vehicles, one of which will cost the model $3. Tesla is developing a new electric motor to make this vehicle cheaper than the rest of the pack without compromising on quality. It does not use rare earth elements and the new battery for the Model 2 should cost about a thousand dollars per car in order to reduce the overall weight of the car by 35 compared to the existing battery pack.

But the best part is that these battery packs are going to provide 16 more range than the existing battery packs, the range is likely to increase. With a range of around 250 miles, it will still compete with other cars like the Nissan Leaf iD3 and the Kia Niro EV. Smaller battery packs aren’t the only way Tesla is reducing vehicle weight, they also remove unnecessary components from the wiring loom.

The new model will have a 48 volt electrical system which allows for smaller wiring to be used in the vehicle, however the Model 2 uses less expensive tires and will be much lighter than other cars which will still offer the same build quality as any EV vehicle.

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