Elon Musk will not join Twitter board, big disclosure

Elon Musk will not join Twitter board

Big news has just emerged, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not joining Twitter’s board, following the company’s announcement that Twitter shares tumbled this morning.

Musk declined to join the board after becoming the social media platform’s largest shareholder only last week, With Twitter CEO Prag Agarwal saying in a tweet that the board is still to join the company despite not choosing Elon Musk. Will be open to their input.

The Elon Musk appointment may have started contingent on the background check Saturday and the formal acceptance. Agarwal ended his statement on Twitter by saying there would be further distractions but that our goals and priorities would remain unchanged.

We make decisions and how we execute is in our hands. Someone else let’s turn the noise away and focus on the work we’re creating Emily. If you read between the lines here you might think Agarwal is taking a few shots at the company.

Could Elon Musk Really Be the Biggest Shareholder?

Elon Musk will indeed be the largest shareholder after a strange and awkward weekend for Elon Musk, who said in a deleted tweet, in a sense, that perhaps another bizarre week for Elon Musk by turning Vitter headquarters into a homeless shelter.

Big news here absolutely Brian, it was really interesting to hear from Twitter CEO, and now of course Elon Musk isn’t taking this board seat after taking more. Interestingly enough, the social media company now holds more than nine percent.

We just got a statement from Twitter’s CEO, but for now Twitter hasn’t provided details on why Elon Musk changed his mind when he joined the board and Brian.

As you mentioned he started last Saturday or April 9th ​​pending background check and formal acceptance of board seat, but we should also note, that if Elon Musk took this seat he would be again No more than 14.9 percent will own Twitter.

Will use Twitter –

Elon Musk may have changed his mind about joining the board, but now he can apparently go ahead if he wants to, and buy more shares of Twitter, so maybe that’s something that’s going to happen again. On the table, that’s just speculation.

Not really getting more details here from Twitter at the moment, but definitely something we’ll be watching specifically, as we have that price action in Twitter’s shares this morning, which is a really good thing. .

I go into this in a piece now on the auto finance homepage and there are essentially some results that you can have here, you can have Elon Musk for your point, raise stakes, and now actually use Twitter. You can agitate for change inside.

He just takes his billions, and goes out and buys the company, because he doesn’t need that fourteen point nine percent. It’s just a wild situation. It’s a wild situation, and of course as you were pointing out earlier, Brian already has some wild ideas that Elon Musk was throwing up over the weekend.

Need to look for monetization streams?

We know of course in some of these now-deleted tweets, that he tweeted a poll last week asking whether he wanted an edit button for Pay Opal Twitter, but he also suggested that Twitter Blue subscribers be given Dogecoin. and give these subscribers an authentication check mark.

It’s a potentially interesting idea for Twitter, perhaps something they’ll definitely consider because of the company. There is definitely a need to continue looking for monetization streams, and as mentioned Twitter has suggested converting its San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter.

No one shows up anyway, according to Elon Musk, that’s actually got Jeff Bezos’ ear, of course the founder of Amazon. He actually came out and supported that move, we know Amazon built its own offices One of them has been partially converted into a homeless shelter.

So we’ll see if any of these ideas really impact any changes here at the social media company, but there’s a lot of thought being given by Elon Musk, at least in the past few days.

Elon Musk is our biggest shareholder?

Lots of thoughts Emily Just to be sure and I just need to add that Elon Musk has turned Twitter into a real joke over the past few days, so we’ll continue to monitor the finances here.

Shareholders Whether they are on the board or not Elon Musk is our largest shareholder, and we will be open to his input, you are open to his input. It’s almost like saying 15-year-old Timmy, you know, we’re open to your input about Twitter next year.

We’ll have a new board and new management and a completely new company, as far as twitter goes, what you did without Elon, you can’t make any money, you’re going to have a tenth of this platform. If you’re not monetizing, you can have your own freedom of expression.

Easy Point:-
      • Management is, very rarely, what Twitter would have done without Elon in the current scheme of things with its current management.
      • What we do, and how we execute our brand so sorry it’s in our hands.
      • Elon was angry with these guys because they meant to do background checks and talk about distractions and tell them to behave.
      • Before he had understood all this he had heard and talked to these people for a bit.
      • It’s not the kind of people who are going to be fit for that kind of build, staying below 15 isn’t going to work.
      • I have to take over the whole company to make social media the next Tesla, and I think, that’s what’s really driving it.

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