Elon Musk will update 4680 Tesla Model Y very soon, preparations are complete

Tesla Model Y

Tesla recently released a new version of the Tesla Model Y SUV that has the latest and greatest in electric vehicle design and battery technology and you don’t have to buy one that you probably want anyway which is perfect Tesla’s brand new is.

Gigafactory in Austin Texas is now offering a very special Model Y variant that comes exclusively with the Bleeding Edge 4680 battery cell design and structural battery pack architecture coupled to a dual electric motor powertrain that powers Tesla’s famous Instant Supplies all four wheels with torque, allowing the vehicle.

A top speed of 135 mph to achieve a maximum range of 279 miles and acceleration flat from zero to 60 in five seconds. This is accomplished with these standard 19-inch wheels and a five-seat configuration for a price of US$59,990 has gone.

The deal isn’t really especially in comparison to the current Tesla Model Y Long Range that’s unchanged since its 2020 release, this tried-and-true favorite with a top speed of 330 mph and a top speed of 135 mph. Provides acceleration from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds.

With those same 19-inch wheels and a 5-seat configuration that comes at a price tag of US$62,990 so you can save three thousand dollars and lose 51 miles so you get the fancy new battery but they slow the car down. If we do, then what does it mean, let’s talk about it, okay so there is a lot of speculation going on right off the bat.

Do you like this car?

We’re going to try and approach this topic with the most level head we can manage why you bother reporting on something you really don’t know, I’m sure That this is a question that many of you are asking right now.

But the fact is, everyone is doing it so we have to do it. We’re going to do it better but having said that with all of our post, we try to be as informative as the available information allows.

Tesla Model Y

To the end because we’re going on a trip folk so taking it over the top even if you like this car you couldn’t buy it anyway Texas all new model y standard dual motor exclusively tesla employees Available for purchase by.

So far every vehicle delivered from Giga Texas has been driven directly into the curious hands of a company insider. This is why legitimate details on these products are so few and far between and it’s because you’ll need to Youtube for information on the subject. Has to be scrutinized and rolling it out to staff members first makes perfect sense because facts as we know them.

It’s a puzzling decision for the general public whether we consumers want to save three thousand dollars or 4.7 percent of the total cost of a Model y long range and give up 51 miles of range, or 15.4 percent, instead. Out of the total offered by the current model y tricky question, we are talking about trading, which is a relatively insignificant amount of money saved in exchange for a significant amount.

What battery is used in the Tesla Model Y?

The struggle ends up being a little deeper than just numbers because Tesla enthusiasts know that the new standard dual motor y has 4680 batteries, these are the batteries we’ve spent the past year and a half, even That’s talking about lusting over the satisfaction of knowing that these were very special batteries in our new car.

Our very special new car which is a bit slower and can only travel significantly shorter distances than the old car which was negligibly more expensive, but because we already know everything about the 4680, we Know that they have lower internal resistance than previous cells due to their revolutionary tablet design and therefore will achieve faster charging rates than ever before.

Thus the total range can reduce damage, depending on where you live and how many superchargers are available. biased because we are in Canada where they are few and far between here and I am not trapped in the wood overnight and trampled to death by a moose.

Don’t Click I’ve Lost Friends To Moose Attacks Okay, good good guys OK, then there are factors with structural battery packs such as marginally better crash protection and stability thanks to the new battery cell distribution.

Less weight concentrated in the center of the vehicle Better handling and less noise from flamboyant parts Anyway to say that range-versus cost varies according to your own personal circumstances, so in my own circumstance this revelation is about 279 miles.

tesla model y

What is the range of the Model Y?

The range still feels very strange as though the EPA rating release and the video from Giga Texas showing the range on the screen and the Tesla website’s source code all confirm the same.

Numbers it sounds like some kind of mistake, imagine if apple were to spend a year trying to develop a new battery they developed and then release it like check our new iphone battery, it Doesn’t last long but it’s really cheap no one will be hypnotized about this.

Even Tim Cook will kind of wait, so it’s kind of bad, well, while I still can’t bring myself to say it’s a good thing Tesla did , I can at least say that I understand why they have done this so let’s get back on track here and get practical 4680 battery cell is like what we called a new product design.

It’s not like Tesla just switched from using Triple A to using Double A, they went from a known known to a known unknown in the good old Panasonic 2170 cell with its own phenomenal cell design And not surprisingly, you can’t find Leroy Jenkins making his way straight into the world of battery manufacturing.

Example B AK When we got our first look at the 4680 production line on Battery Day in September 2020 we were blown away by the speed and scale we were seeing like holy smoke they were giving it away with the cells there would be Elon Sitting on those billions of things in no time, unfortunately it wasn’t like anything was moving very fast through that video.

It was not the fully functional battery cell we know it because it was only in February 2022 that Tesla announced that it had produced 1. 4680 million cells with the expectation that they may reach 2 million by the end of March is nothing.

Easy Points:-
  • To put it in perspective, it’s not enough to make 1000 copies of the one million cell Model y Long Range which is our first hint about why they came up with this weird knee-covered version of the Model Y.
  • Specifically For 4680 rollout less range means there are less cells inside the car which means they can make more cars with less cells.
  • It’s understandable that I might not like that you might not like it, but it is understandable that building a new product on a large scale isn’t just one big switch that you pull and everything is a It happens all at once.
  • It’s a process Tesla is just doing. With what they have they are getting the machine up to speed which is the first step.
  • They’re doing a smart job by rolling out these first cars to their employees because those employees already know the whole backstory, they don’t need this big explainer.

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