Elon Musk’s CHEAPEST Tesla Car SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry!

Many people want to buy a Tesla car because of the quality of Tesla cars and all the exciting features, however these potential buyers are held back because of the high prices that Elon Musk knows about and that is why he is very cheap.

Join us to find out Elon Musk’s Cheapest Cars That Will Shock the Competition If you want an electric vehicle today you should be prepared to spend some serious money.

They are generally more expensive than their internal combustion engine counterparts. The culprit is the battery that carries the most part of the sticker price you save for example the cheapest Tesla car is the Model 3 but it starts at 46490 before any subsidy or potential savings.

The standard version of course gives you a driving range of 276 miles and a lot of great features for that amount, but not everyone has more than $45 thousand to spend on an electric car, even. That Tesla cars are not always that cheap.

Even though everyone wanted to drive an electric car, Elon Musk started selling EVs with an expensive model. The Tesla Roadster captured many hearts and showed what electric vehicles were capable of, the most extended on any electric car up to that point. The range was over 200 miles thanks to the extended range Lithium offered.

The ion battery Tesla was installed in the powerful car was far superior to the lead acid batteries of other EVs, the car was also accelerating too fast and making noise to the delight of early adopters although the Roadster was very much for its time. The cost of new batteries was high because the manufacturers did not have the advantage of scale.

Still a lot of research and development went into the car and Tesla had to make up for the money spent, so the Roadster sold for over a million dollars, but it was Elon Musk to everyone who made the car super desirable. That didn’t stop him from pursuing his goal of providing EVs.

But being expensive doesn’t mean they can afford it so it’s absolutely important that we build cars that people can that people can actually afford I mean said and like maybe three on order of you Years know when we can make low cost like 25000 car.


I think that basically a comparable gasoline car would be slightly better than Tesla. Eventually production of the Roadster ended by focusing on the model that was less expensive minded you model Elon after raising money from sales of the more expensive Roadster. The second phase of Musk’s EV master plan was Tesla will also develop less expensive models.

Although not as expensive as the Model S Roadster, it is still too expensive for the average car buyer, with the base model starting at around 95,000, certainly one of the highest E in the model to offer an estimated 375 miles of range. It has the extended range of any production car and is rapidly zooming from zero to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

But what’s the use of an EV to the masses if the overwhelming majority of them can’t afford it, as Tesla Model 3 also offers. Currently the best seller and as said before cost 45 thousand dollars is still a fortune for most people.

While Tesla cars are about to get a lot cheaper with the latest models that Musk’s team is working on, I think maybe as I said about three years from now, we’re confident that we’re going to have a pretty cool 25000 electrics. Can make vehicles that are fully autonomous too.

The company is not targeting more than twenty five thousand dollars for any car but the second model is even cheaper and you need to know the cost of a twenty five thousand dollar Tesla car known as the model 2 slot under the model 3.

Although it is almost half cheaper than the current one. Least expensive Tesla car at that price Elon Musk believed that this price point would allow every Tom Dick and Harry to drive an electric car and if you don’t mind a used model.

So you might expect the Model 2 not to look annoyed. Cheap Elon Musk won’t approve a car that doesn’t bring acclaim to his company, the design is sleek. Ugly shape like other cheap electric cars just clean lines of the Model 3. And depict the curves and transfer them to a smaller hatchback.

One of the considerations yes the Model 2 is an affordable car that you’ll be excited to drive every time a major factor making the Model 2 possible is another incredible innovation from Tesla, the new tablet battery also known as the 4680 Battery Elon Musk Is known.

Elon Musk himself announced this new battery at the 2020 Tesla Battery event and it is set to change the EV industry forever. This 4680 tablet cylindrical battery cell format brings performance manufacturing and a host of cost advantages to the table.

As the name suggests the new jumbo cells are 46 millimeters in diameter and 80 millimeters in height. The larger Jelly Roll packs more effective battery material into the casing for a five-fold improvement in energy storage and a six-fold increase in power scaling up to the pack alone. The new form factor offers a 16 increase in range thanks to the change in material. The new battery has a further range increase of 20.


This new battery will power Tesla’s upcoming Cyber ​​trucks and semi trucks Tesla will also be switching to a new battery pack for its existing models. Thanks to the new battery, the Model 2 will have a better range than some of the more expensive EVs of the competition. Since the Model 2 is a smaller hatchback, it weighs less.

Which means a medium sized battery pack will give it more range with less battery, less battery required as this directly affects the price Tesla revealed that the new battery costs less and by the combination of lower cost and less weight it It is sure that you will get a good driving range.

Which will reduce the weight of the Tesla Model 2. The company will make the battery pack a part of the car’s structure, which it calls the Structural Battery. Build the model in the same manner at its new plant in Berlin Germany Talking about the performance, the Model 2 is likely to get a single electric motor as part of Tesla.

cost-cutting method but it obviously won’t make the electric car slower or weaker, for example the base model 3 also uses an electric motor and it can do 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and 140 mph Capable of top speed.

With the lighter weight of the Model 2 you can expect similar performance from it as it is Elon Musk. He is already floating wild ideas about the model for example the CEO talks about a variant of the Model 2.

You heard that the true Model 2 could have a version that removes these important features of the cars entirely because they will drive themselves. Can be operated by companies.

It will use Tesla’s Autopilot to control its movement or it can act as your driver if Tesla agrees to sell you one, though whatever the version of the Model 2, its more expensive sibling. It is sure to get most or all of the creature comforts that it offers.

There will be a touchscreen center display for accessing settings and an in-car entertainment system Tesla will produce the Model 2 in China where there are already production-ready models from where they will be shipped to the rest of the world, although Tesla will build one. Apart from the Model 2, 5000 electric models will be given.

We will try to give back to customers as much as possible, lest Tesla’s profitability is too high, we want to try to make the price as competitive as possible, without losing money. The company is keeping the cheaper model under wraps for now.

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