Elon Musk: Elon Musk’s Deep Dive Inside the Gigafactory Texas

Elon Musk

Let’s know in detail, what Elon Musk said, which got people excited, and people started shouting.

(Elon Musk) – This is now our sixth major factory and now we are in three continents, so for us North America We have two major vehicle plants, one awesome factory in China and one in Europe.

It’s going to be a huge improvement for Tesla and it’s also going to be better for the environment, because you want to make cars where there aren’t customers. Better to make than and we are indeed entering a new phase of Tesla’s future with six giant factories around the world.

Elon Musk said, he lacks space –

Also scaling up to extreme size is, as you can see from this building, that it’s not small, and Tesla’s global headquarters is why Austin is really a Tesla team, because as you know, that California is great. We’re continuing to expand in California, but we’re running out.

We’ve run out of room, and so we need a place where we can really be, big and there’s no place like E texas so 10 minutes from the airport, great central logistics of the city 15 minutes from the hub, we’ve got access to awesome talent.

Austin Travis County and this incredible building this massive building wasn’t easy, and getting all the equipment here can’t express enough admiration and gratitude and admiration for the Tesla team that built the Gigatexas.

let’s just give them a hand We Deep Freeze Rain Quick and went through the build incredibly fast.

It was very difficult but it’s done, the feeling of the size of this thing isn’t this small, we said what do we have here? If you put the building on its side? If you put the building on its side then it will be taller than Burj Khalifa which is 80 feet tall it is equal to three pentagons.

Does prototyping require imagination?

When a building is measured in Pentagon units, you know it is quite large, it is the largest factory building in the world, so by volume it is the largest factory building in the world. Yes, I’m glad you asked that question, according to our calculations, you can fit 194 billion hamsters in this building.

It’s the machine that makes the machine and it’s the latest version of the machine that makes the machine, so I said this earlier, but the factory is the productz you know prototype they need spec, and they’re not easy , but easy production is difficult relative to production prototyping.

This building is the most advanced car factory that Earth has ever seen alien technology, it’s okay if you know, that a factory advanced, if it looks like an alien dread has landed, and the team is very much in Fremont California Good job, but we have learned a lot from it.

Where the buildings were separate there’s a lot of movement between the buildings and what we thought was going to be really thinking of it like a chip like an integrated circuit that ties everything together. Raw materials come in one way, they are made in a cell then in a pack.

Does GigaTexas Make the World’s Most Advanced Cell?

Then we cast the front and back body. The pack itself is structural and on the outside comes a finished product, so it’s the raw material in cars on the one hand, so we’re building our own battery cells.

All the footage you see here is from this factory, and we think that over time it will probably be the biggest cell factory in the world, then another major innovation.

It’s that it’s the structural pack so we’ll basically bring it in for those things.

We said we basically make the car a rear body casting a structural pack out of three major pieces where the cells themselves load.

Is this a revolutionary car creation?

Like small airplanes where the wing is a fuel tank in the air in the shape of a wing with the elaborate architecture of the new model.

The cells themselves take the load, and as a result a car is lighter, with a smaller number of parts, lower costs and improved crash performance. One safety benefit I don’t even know if it works fine, because I’m saying it’s a revolutionary car build.

which basically makes the car a casper one structural pack and a cast front of three major parts Is.

When we were trying to figure out we were the six leading casting makers in the world that no one said. Very well done to make it simple.

Easy Points :-
  • As I was saying a group of goods consists of raw material.
  • If you don’t make stuff there’s no stuff, and we’re just aiming with the Model Y program.
  • units in a year to get half a million and then we’re going to start building the cyber truck here next year.
  • The Model Y line will be the line with the most capacity.
  • I think just about any line in the world really I believe will be half a million units a year.
  • A single product factory is the largest of anything in the world and would certainly be the largest car factory in America.

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