Elon Musk’s Ex-Girlfriend Auctions Off Relationship Mementos From The ’90s

In a new piece of news, some of Elon Musk’s personal items may be the proud owner as they have been put up for auction by his ex-girlfriend.

Jennifer Gwynne began dating Musk in 1994 and decided to cash in on over 100 mementos that he kept from their one-year relationship.

There are currently dozens of photos of young Elon Musk available for bidding, as well as gifts and cards. The photos are currently up for auction at $100 each, while a signed card penned by Musk is expected to sell for around $10,000, Gwynne suggested. Given that she wants to raise money for her stepson’s college tuition.

As well as putting her items up for auction, Gwynne also opened up about her breakup with Musk in 1995, explaining to The Daily Mail that Musk built a career in California, Tesla and Tesla, among many other companies. The billionaire co-founded PayPal before creating SpaceX.

Gwynne, now 48 and living in South Carolina, opened up about the Musk she knew during their relationship at Philadelphia University. He used to pay a lot of attention to his studies and then always talked about electric cars. He was definitely going somewhere.

He saw the school as a ladder.

Eighteen photos of Elon Musk are available for purchase at RR Auctions These include Musk alone with friends and with Gwynn The minimum bid listed for each image is $100 Elon Musk Musk has bid for a 14k gold necklace that Gwyn Has now reached over $300.

The website lists the estimated price for it as $500. The big ticket item is a birthday card that Musk gave to Gwynne in 1995 with a message reading Happy Birthday Jennifer Allon. The bid has already crossed $1,300. Its estimated price is $10,000.

A dollar bill signed by Musk is also available on the website which currently has a bid of $2,200. Every item listed online by Gwynne will expire on September 14th. Items and photos are currently available for viewing on the RR Auctions website.

No one has bid on Musk’s photos to date, and regular tweeter Elon Musk, who often makes up with his Twitter activity, has yet to address the auction on social media.

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