Elon Musk’s Insane City Of The Future: TeslaX City [Tesla+SpaceX]

In March 2021, Elon Musk tweeted it building the city of Starbase Texas, referring to the city he plans to build next to a campus called SpaceX in Boca Chica Texas.

where they are currently building and launching the Starship, starting a month later in the launch sequence in April 2021. He himself said that this time more housing needs to be built in the Greater Austin area.

This time referring to the homes needed to house all potential workers of the massive Austin Terra factory, but wait a minute if the two premises are less than 600 kilometers apart.

The most advanced city in the galaxy, Tesla X City, will provide housing for everyone working at the launch site, including people. Who are planning to take a ride on the rocket and it will also serve as a destination for tourists.

Depending on how far you need to go, you’ll be able to choose a robo from a variety of modes of transportation. Once you request a robot cab the taxi system can be used for short distance travel.

Where you want to go at a particular time though The Boring Company’s network of three-dimensional tunnels is where this robo-taxi will spend most of its time operating.

Right now you would assume that it is a technologically advanced cab that can reach speeds of over 50 kmph. However, given that Tesla SpaceX and Elon Musk start each of their efforts with a test phase, it won’t be long before.

When these Teslas are able to drive themselves at high speed. A 125 mph or over 200 kph current model x 3 years and future models and cyborg trucks will all be part of the city. In fact this beast will act as the metropolis as your Tesla’s official police car.

If you need to travel long distances in that case all you have to do is activate your Tesla V via a call that stands for vertical takeoff and landing or to put it another way an electric plane Which can take off and land autonomously.

While traveling at supersonic speeds with this jet you will be able to fly beyond the surface of the earth allowing you to travel faster and more efficiently than with conventional aircraft.

If you are afraid of flying then all you have to do is ride the hyperloop which travels at a speed of over 1000 kilometers per hour in the vacuum tube of the train, you won’t need to worry about it though in the city Tesla X You will keep this long-distance vehicle within reach.

You will board your starship and travel around the globe at a speed of 27000 kilometers per hour and you will be able to travel to any place on our planet in less than an hour, eventually the starship will take you to other planets in the solar system.

Where You Can Meet Your Friend or Relative of Mars So far I’ve discussed the mechanics of moving around the city, what the Tesla X City would be like if you chose to live there well. First you can buy a Tesla Home that will be a hyper-connected intelligent self.

The future of energy-sufficient and very low-cost housing looks like it will be cheaper as Elon Musk focuses on reducing the cost of all his business. The reusable rocket developed by SpaceX has significantly reduced the cost of delivering cargo into orbit.

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