Elon Musk’s INSANE New Engine Shocks Scientists!

Scientists are just shocked by Elon Musk’s new crazy motor but what’s so special about this new motor is how it’s wired and why it’s causing scientists to wonder if it’s perfect for electric vehicles. That’s right, Elon Musk’s new crazy motor has scientists completely perplexed if the genius qualities of ambition and determination were to take a human form.

So the resulting fella will be none other than Elon Musk who is better than any other climate change crusader Musk. Has demonstrated a steadfast purpose in purging the automobile sector of fossil fuels and the focus of his research has been propulsion systems that are environmentally clean, this is where the crazy motor propelling his Tesla electric cars comes in.

It is no longer a secret that the adoption of electric vehicles globally is a matter of time as we speak with every country setting goals to achieve the worldwide drive towards a GR. Inner Earth and the center of everyone’s attention is a region that has produced the highest amount of pollutants next to industries, the transportation industry, the total greenhouse gas emitted by vehicles globally is alarmingly high, and world population growth is at a steady high. But we expect anything better but there is a mystery.

That secret is at the heart of all the solutions that will bring about a long-lasting change in order to save the planet from being deeply polluted into greenhouses. The mass transition to electric vehicles. Tesla is an automobile company concerned with the development and production of electric vehicles. Is. EVS is currently the top seller of EVs worldwide, with its visionary CEO Elon Musk they have been able to offer the world the best alternative to the internal combustion engine or ICE since their inception in 2003 by American engineers Martin Eberhard. And with Elon Musk as the chief financier then Mark Tarpening the foundation was well laid which has seen the company reach the pinnacle in t today.

He EV industry but maybe we wouldn’t be talking about EVA one day if it weren’t for Nikola Tesla a Serbian American inventor by whose name the Tesla company would have been created Suffice it to say if he hadn’t invented the induction motor That no motor no EVs is the first electric vehicle made by Tesla The Roadster which was launched in 2008 uses this induction motor to provide power to the wheels This motor laid the foundation for the more advanced motor types that Tesla vehicles are powered by operate But what is an electric motor Let’s get into a little basics so we can better understand how Elon Musk’s new motor an electric one works.

A motor is a machine or an electrical component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy conveyed by torque or rotation internal combustion engines or ice, also known as motors, but these gasoline motors are electric Also operate from the other clean end of the propulsion spectrum. For gasoline when electric current is passed through the wire they produce a magnetic field around it and when we rotate this wire and place it between two magnets one end of the wire is pushed up will go and the other end will be down by then.

Unless the coil is standing vertical but the rapid polarity of the reversed magnets the process repeats itself and thus a rotation is produced. There are three types of motors being used by Tesla today. The first is the induction motor as we have already Tesla is seen using induction motor for their roadsters second is permanent magnet motor and finally synchronous reluctance motor best selling Tesla cars Model 3 and Y actually use these two types of motors.

It combines the technology of the permanent magnet motor with that of the synchronous reluctance motor to come up with a machine that is even more efficient. The motor is known as the PMA Sin PM or Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor, so what a mix was effective better understand let’s see briefly how two motors work to start with induction motor it has permanent magnets which are attached to its rotor when AC current passes through the coils of strider There is a coil of wire wound all around. This induces a rotating magnetic field which revolves around the permanent magnet of the rotor.

Synchronous reluctance motor does not require any permanent magnet, the rotor is made in such a way that the rotating metal naturally aligns with the surrounding magnetic field on its own and without AC being passed through the strut goes or the magnetic field starts rotating thus rotating the rotor new plaid carbon wrapped motor but it is not finished re Elon Musk has just launched another motor the other day which has surprised everyone.

If someone asked you to lift the engine of a small saloon car you would probably think they are out of their mind but do you think you can actually lift it on your shoulders Carbon Wrapped Motor Yes Motor Made of Carbon Fiber was the same used in aircraft, it’s wings despite it’s lightweight carbon fiber are surprisingly strong and just as good as other steel case motors anyways what’s the point of light weight it’s not just a car.

Even ice makers have worked so hard to reduce the extra weight but why in the EV industry heavier means more kilowatts per mile will be used it will ultimately reduce the range so in addition to payload it really Pays off for shedding any unnecessary weight A lighter motor The key advantage it will give is space for more batteries in terms of weight A large percentage of EVs weight comes from the battery The entire lower area is packed neatly.

Batteries are still heavy, despite efforts by battery and battery manufacturers to reduce their size, any technology that will reduce their weight will allow more room for the battery. Another distinguishing feature of this motor, besides weight, is the size. The pleated motor is smaller and no less efficient as we’ve seen smaller size and light weight are redeemed for more power by allowing more batteries to be added without exceeding the required standard weight.

Another great thing about motor is when we talk about power we can never miss to mention torque carbon made motor can achieve tremendous RPM without overheating with actually increasing torque One drawback is overheating but this motor was designed to handle it and in order to achieve the exceptional techniques required Tesla answered the need by developing its new automated machine to specifically assemble the speaking motors during launch Gave. Motor’s Elon Musk said that this fiber is wrapped around the motor on a high tension load machine.

To do this the copper must be cut in compression by Tesla Automation carbon sleeves or it loosens at low temperatures due to the varying thermal expansion preload. In addition to maintaining a precise gap for the Strata the motor has a stronger front feel than other steel clad electric motors but one factor that causes a lack of efficiency in vehicle motors is the loss of energy in regular snow Of all the energy you put into your car, only 23 to 25 percent will be translated into mechanical energy that will move you the rest.

It loses heat but not with new motor technology every kilowatt you give it you will make full use of it’s power and also it has very few moving parts the only thing that actually moves is the rotor which is connected to the axle Connects to drive the other wheel. Maybe it’s the rotating magneto waves.

Limited moving parts will cut maintenance costs substantially, a feature that will make EVs the envy of ice equivalents that battery technology will give the best efficiency to the plaid carbon-wrapped motor. The core of Tesla research has been not only the motor but the importance of the battery. Also these two in EVs are undeniable without a good battery, no matter the motor technology and Tesla already has a super efficient battery covered, the 4680 battery was developed from the previous 2170 cells.

However there is 1 significant difference other than size. The power generation cells store five times more energy than the 2170 cell type and the secret behind this higher energy is found in its higher density. The amount of energy produced by a single 4680 cell is greater than that of a 2170 cell. In addition to the same weight and size, earlier this year Tesla revealed that they were planning to make two different configurations of the 4680 battery in addition to the T. To the standard range 690 cells they’ll add another that’s specifically designed for long range.

828 cell which is expected to generate 20 more energy this new long range design will perfectly suit the plaid carbon wrapped motor in giving the desired long range plaid carbon wrapped motor is a pier 2 for tesla, no one in the entire EV industry No, although they didn’t go into intricate details about the motor, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. The CEO said that the plaid carbon wrapped motor is arguably the most advanced motor on earth outside of a lab.

We definitely have fun and exciting engineering ahead In fact Elon Musk will have secrets it is said that Tesla is working to build another roadster based on this plaid carbon wrapped motor and than the motor With better capabilities it is currently rumored that it will use Tesla Model S powertrain to achieve even more performance Tesla Model S uses tri-motor power train.

Where one motor drives the front axle and two motors drive the rear axle with all-wheel drive, the combined power output of them is as high as 1,020 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque. Using the Model S powertrain, they max out the carbon-built motor. Elon Musk’s new and crazy motor isn’t the end of his inventions, there’s every possibility that Tesla owners will keep improving their motor anyway.

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