Elon Musk’s INSANE New Tesla Truck SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry

There was a time when combustion engine-based cars dominated the automobile industry, then Elon Musk came along and completely changed the whole scenario with his battery-powered Tesla cars, now he has been doing the same in the trucking industry for decades, Which included the trucking industry. As you all know that trucks are used to carry heavy loads.

This can only be achieved by diesel engines which have more power and torque to carry these loads. When electric engines started entering the car industry, no one thought that the same would happen for trucks. Can only be done as you would need a highly powered battery to carry the truck’s workload but as always Elon Musk has found a way to integrate battery powered engines into trucks and they just don’t work They are more efficient.

Powerful than conventional diesel powered engines don’t believe me let me explain the truck is called a tesla semi first we will talk about the engines of these amazing trucks and d how they are able to power such huge workloads Three carbon fiber wrapped motors give Tesla Semi three times more power than conventional diesel semi trucks and generate three times the power of a diesel engine and that too with a battery Seems impossible to show Elon Musk’s genius That’s not all as it uses only 1.7 kWh of energy per mile making it highly efficient.

Apart from these three motors we also have two other motors which provide extra power for acceleration and one of these motors continuously runs at maximum efficiency, ensuring that the truck is adequately equipped to handle steep climbs which trucks usually experience as they have to travel long distances and go through rough terrains but by far the most amazing feature of this battery operated design is its braking system the truck carries a lot of weight which brakes The test will again act as a brake generator like the previous Tesla.

Will recharge the battery using what is called Regenerative Braking which is an innovative feature used in almost all Teslas, but unlike cars this feature will be extremely important in trucks as in conventional trucks, braking is done frequently and with extreme weight The reason brake pads usually need to be replaced often but not with Tesla trucks is its regenerative braking system transfers the stress on the brake pads to the motors brake pads which essentially last a lifetime according to Musk which is just impressive Because it will not only cut down on the maintenance cost but also you will not have to go to get it.

Now let’s talk about how useful these trucks are in a moment I’m pretty sure you know by now that battery engines are almost noiseless we’ve seen how they drive noiselessly with Tesla cars, these Tesla trucks The same goes for trucks. Since they can travel silently, this gives them a great advantage as they can travel during the night, usually night travel is limited to trucks as the law prohibits them from driving through the population. They prevent them from traveling in areas where the noise they make may cause disturbance to people when they are sleeping.

This is why you will usually find that long distance deliveries are usually done well during the day time which will not be the case with the Tesla semi truck as it can travel at night time due to its limited noise pollution which can cause quick ensures transportation this will help companies a lot as it will cut down on travel time and make sure everything is delivered faster and on time another advantage the tesla semi truck has over diesel powered trucks is that they e Highly efficient They offer very low cost per distance traveled and hence have low travel cost while providing more power and speed apart from being cost effective.

It’s also really good for the environment. Diesel is thicker than petrol and results in excessive fumes. Dangerous for the environment. We won’t face the same issue with Tesla trucks because they’re electric. They don’t have any exhaust fumes. Wouldn’t it if we manage to replace all diesel trucks with electric ones the environment would be of great benefit and lastly the truck has an amazing aerodynamic design which results in limited drag, this with its highly impressive .38 coefficient of drag As can be seen, this helps in limiting the burden felt by the motors resulting in higher speeds and greater efficiency.

Also electric trucks don’t break down as easily as they don’t have as many moving parts which is the main reason for wear and tear of diesel engines as they are battery operated you will only have to replace the batteries occasionally Don’t worry these batteries last long and limited moving parts result in low maintenance cost which again makes tesla truck very cheap now let us talk about its safety features which we discussed earlier As already talked about the truck has an amazing braking system which will help it to avoid major accidents but in case of an accident the truck is safe due to its durable structure which can withstand the impact.

The main cause of death in a truck accident is through the rear windshield on which the driver sits who is usually the lone passenger. Unlike cars a truck does not have the engine in front of the windshield which results in a crumple zone in the truck windshield. Acts as a so direct impact can be fatal to the driver Tesla has frozen this windshield what they call thermonuclear explosion-proof glass this glass can withstand a lot of force and doesn’t break easily Which results in a lot of safety Talking about safety for the driver the main issue with trucks is that when they brake hard they lose traction and skid.

This is caused by the heavy load it puts a lot of pressure on the brakes and when they can’t handle the weight the tires skid well this is corrected with traction control on the Tesla Semi their simple technique causes a lot of accidents can stop because it results in the brakes not locking Did you know that there are 350 000 trucking accidents per year and most of these could be.

The traction control system in these trucks i am sure now with tesla trucks the number of these accidents will decrease greatly traction control will really help these trucks stop in no time and will help save a lot of lives so the trucks Forget it I’m sure most of you must be thinking that the main problem with battery operated trucks will be the charging as you all know that trucks cover long distances and require frequent refueling, The world is addicted to combustion-based engines.

People argue that since there are not many superchargers available, people will struggle to find charging stations, as it can take a while for a supercharger to charge, especially the large battery we get in the Tesla semi truck , But Elon Musk has found a solution. When you think about it it is quite straightforward how Elon Musk can ensure that his semi trucks are charged adequately by building lots of charging stations, of course he has already started the whole Has worked to build a lot of charging stations across the United States.

Not only this, Elon Musk and Tesla are also trying to ensure that these chargers are fast so that the charging time is reduced, this will not only allow the Tesla trucks to be charged smoothly but will also ensure that New customers don’t put off buying a tesla truck enough with all the technical details let us now admire the beauty of the tesla semi truck the truck is a brilliant invention and will surely attract some attention as it leaps forward from the past grows. Highway Its silver and black look is both simple and graceful at the same time.

That’s not all it also looks futuristic in line with the Tesla look which has always attracted people, apart from the exterior the interior is also amazing as it is not only equipped with all the features you need but when you enter the Tesla semi truck It’s sleek and elegant, it doesn’t feel like you’re entering a truck, it feels like you’re entering a spaceship, don’t believe me, check it out for yourself by Elon Musk Have demonstrated that they dedicate their lives to the goals or projects they pursue and work tirelessly to make them a success.

Was finally able to mass produce and market what he initiated. Practically all automobile manufacturers are moving toward battery powered engines. I have no doubt that he will achieve similar results to the Tesla semi truck and that he will make a lasting impact. trucking transportation sector we all should collectively support him so that he continues to impress the world with his inventions, he is 51 years old and he has limited time in this world so let’s pray that he continues to make more such inventions Carry on and make the world a better place for the future.

In conclusion generations I would just like to say that we expect Tesla trucks to start dominating the trucking industry soon as they not only help companies cut down on costs and travel times, they also help companies cut down on costs and travel times, they also help with their reduction of smoke and noise pollution. The cause will positively affect the environment too, the world will be a better place with them in it, so we hope they replace these diesel powered trucks at the earliest. Because honestly the damages caused to us and the environment are irreparable, most of us do not even understand the depth of the issue, so it is of utmost importance that these trucks are rolled out at the earliest so that these issues can be reduced in the future.

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